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Hey guys its been about 6 months since my mom suffered a aneurysm rupture. I don’t know if you guys remember my posts from that time but yeah my mom has been in a nursing home/rehabilitation facility since August. She has gotten so much better since. She recently started walking again! Still needs some more practicing but shes getting there! Her only problem now is short term memory but besides that she is recovering very well. We bring her home on weekends. She’s officially coming home sometime jan-feb.

hi Ant! thats so wonderful! thanks for this update! its the little things that are huge- first steps are so awesome, unfortunately i dont recall mine but they said it took 3 of em to get me up and walking. Please be patient with her- she'll need much care and love and tell her about me -im living at home and can shower, make small meals but was expected to be in a nursing home forever.memory will improve, We'll keep you all in our thoughts & prayers!

Thank you very much!

This will be a wonderful New Year's bring Mom home..Thanks so much for the update...~ Gotcha in my Thoughts ~ Colleen

Thank you!

that wonderful news! Prayers for continued improvement with each and every day. How great it must be to know she is coming home soon!