Need advice re: my mom's recovery

On May 11, 2012 my 67 yr old mother had a very large aneurysm burst. She underwent clipping and spent 4 weeks in ICU then 4 weeks in the hospital and she is coming up on 4 weeks still in a skilled nursing facility. She has no movement on her left side and although she is talking again, she doesn't make any sense. It is difficult to get her to respond to any questions or commands because she obsesses on certain thoughts in her head at the time. It is hit and miss as to whether or not she recognizes her family. She is still on a feeding tube and although she can sit for short periods in a wheelchair, it takes two people to get her into and out of it. She has had 4 weeks of physical therapy and they say she is not progressing so the insurance company is now pulling her therapy and trying to discharge her. We have absolutely no idea where we go from here.

well consult with the dr's and time is a value here, the brain after a bleed need time to heal. try to apply for state help and there is a page of resources on here to help.

hi Tammy! sorry to hear of your moms anuerism- 3 months post sah rupture-that is still relatively early in the healing process-they say there is much healing the first year so try to remain as positive as possible-i was the same way after my sah, i could only sit in wheelchair for an hour, please be patient with her- i took 3 therapists to get me walking again! i had similar therapy issue after 1 yr they said i "platued" and said legally & morally she could not treat me any more- i consulted my family dr and he agreed because i had over a year of therapy already-i was shocked. Do moms therapists agree with the insurance company? oh also i agree with Laurie there is help out there that social services from the hospital should be offering. i just do exercises at home now .i'll keep your mom in my thoughts and prayers-and you & yours of course!

Thank you Ron. Her therapist says that she is not making enough progress to allow them to continue with therapy so the HMO is cutting her off. Part of the problem is that she doesn't have the capacity yet to really pay attention to what they are asking her to do. They are having trouble getting her to respond yet I walk in and say "mom, hold the brush and brush your hair" and she will do it for me. Unfortunately I cannot be there everyday for her therapy session. Her mind is so jumbled that she simply can't focus very well. I keep telling them that her neurosurgeon believes she is progressing well and he thinks she will walk again. "It's a marathon, not a sprint" he keeps saying. The HMO doesn't care that a SAH rupture takes months, perhaps years of recovery. They set arbitrary goals and if she can't meet them they cut her loose. She doesn't qualify for Medicaid yet she doesn't have enough money to self-pay for months of care and therapy. I have a call into the social worker and am keeping my fingers crossed that they know of some options.