I am a new member, and just wanted some feedback on those members who have gone back

for recoiling embolization after 4 months from the initial rupture. They are IU Methodist in Indianapolis, IN. I am staying the night after the procedure, then home. Any info would be great. R Dianne

Hi Roberta,

I don't have any information to share but I am offering prayers for you to have a successful treatment and a speedy recovery.


hi Roberto Dianne-i was recoiled after my SAH -about 6 months after - think positive thoughts they got mine 100% and my last test was just x rays which i suppose was ok - no news is good news. Good luck and our thoughts & prayers are with you

Thank you for the update prayers for you too!

Thank you and prayers to you too

Hi Roberta, I was recoiled and stented on April 19,2012. My first coiling was on Oct 7,2012. My recovery time was good. I had to spend 2 nights due to bleeding from my femoral artery. I was on a hepirin drip. I feel good 90% of the time. Just remember to take it easy and slow. And listen to your body-if your body says you are tired then rest, don't push yourself. If you work go back part time and work your way back to what ever feels right. I am schedule to see my doctor in the am.(A follow up from the recoiling and stenting) then I will be having my next angiogram in 6 months. My doctor felt confident that this was going to fix my annie. (I believe it did) Think postitive!!!!

Remember we have been though a lot and we now have to take care of ourselves. (With the help of others):>)

If you have any more questions please don't hesiate to ask.

Lots of Hugs!!!!!!!


Hi Roberta...I have lived in Florida for the past 6 years with hubby and that is where I had coiling, etc., Hubby had to come up to Indiana for his job...and I am here in Indianapolis with him...My Neuro in Tampa wants me to see a Neuro here in Indianapolis (so they can communicate) there anyone you would suggest...

I was coiled 18 months ago and going back to Florida and having my angio checkup on my aneurysm...that was coiled...not to mention a check on one annie they are watching...

Are they adding coils to your aneurysm or recoiling? What upsets me...until I came to this site...Doctors never told me there was a chance of recoiling and I have seen so many here at this site...Cyber~thoughts your way Colleen

oops, sorry Roberta i misspelled your name earlier!

hi Colleen-good luck with your check-up-let us know-i am very interested in what they say about re-coiling, surgeon told me it happens because they settle,kind of indicating it was common but maybe he was just calming my fears-our thoughts & prayers are with you

The neuros at IU Methodist are my choice. Dr Mitesh Shah and the others at Goodman & Campbell Brain & Spine. Interventional Radiologist Dr Demarco and Dr Scott are preforming the ADDED Coils.

Hope for your healing too. Prayers Dianne

ya'll are making me nervous. I was coiled in December - I hope I don't need more.

best of luck to you, Roberta!

Hey Roberta...this is what I am told...soon my hubby and I are moving into a condo that we bought in the city...the neighbor across the street is a NICU Nurse and told me about Campbell Brain and Spine...the eye Doctor I have at IUPUI...who is me in to see Doctor Scott in early July...I will keep you posted...and I will definitely keep a fellow Hoosier in my prayers ~ Colleen

Please don't . Keep good thoughts and prayers are yours. D

Sounds good Colleen. Prayers D

Had my rupture & was coiled, after 12 mos. I had more coiling w/ stent. Was in the hospital for 2 nites as I had a hard time with the surgery. Like Tiffany said, just listen to your body & get lots of rest. Things didn't go so well after the 2nd coiling, about l month after I had a stroke. The docs think it was caused by not enough plavix in my system & it clogged the stent. After they took care of that I am doing pretty good. Just have to think positve about everything. You will be in my thoughts & prayers.

My rupture was may 5m 2011 , I was given 9 coils at that time but I need more . I went back sept . 23, 2011 Doc was going to put more coils in there but I have dainty sensitive vessels that after 5 hours of trying he said enough was enough and gave me a stent .i stayed over night went home the following afternoon was on plavix and 325 aspirin for about 5 months . Ijust went back for the third time may 11, 2012 for more coils when i woke upi was told no can do . so i'm left with the annie the way it is one stent and 9coils its 90% blocked . should my coils compact he will try pipeline but only if neccessary because iof the risky location of my annie . after the attempted coiling i was irratated not with my doc , just irratated I asked to go home and they pondered for a bit and decided that since this wasn't my first "rodeo" i knew what to lookfor at the surgical/groin site i went home that day . I'm tuff like bull . lol bruising sucks but other than that really no complaints , good luck to you .

Anybody have any good results with their recoiling. It seems mostly negative in my responses that have come in.

I am looking for strength in my replies. I pray for all the people who have responded, and don't mean to be a ninny!

yes-hi Roberta-i got recoiled approximatly 6-7 months after the initial coiling of sah rupture. It was 100% occluded(not sure if correct word) But surmised it was what they were trying for judging from surgeons ear to ear smile! My nuerosurgeon assured me that recoiling was a common occurance because they move around and "settle" Wondered what that rattling was!!-kidding-My last test was just an xray which i guess was good since i have not heard anything-i was so happy to only have to get xray at local hospital-never so happy to get zapped by xray machine! Good luck on your journey and thanks for the prayers & i'll continue to pray for you and the other brothers and sisters

Thanks Ron,

You have given me renewed hope. Rattling was funny! Bless you. R D S

So I have a question to all about this recoiling, did any of you feel or have any indications, like headaches worse or dizziness that indicating there might be something more going on. I am due for a angio at the end of this month and Im just curious to a few things I have been feeling