Question re: recoiling. Who has and who hasn't had it done?

I am a bit nervous now. I got my card in the mail to schedule my angio. I am nervous for a few reasons.

1. I was unconscious the first time around and don't know what to expect. I have read a few of the folks experiences so I am a bit relieved.

2. How many of you have had a coiling and needed more done? This freaks me out - seems from my reading there have been quite a few of you that have needed more.

3. I don't have insurance, so I am not sure when I can make it in :)

Hi Amy...I am going for my 18 months angio checkup on my coils this June 12th...first time I was out...2nd time...I was awake, but had a make me basically "not care"...really the actual procedure isn't is the anticipation...and for me...the first 2 days I did really well...and then my groin got swollen and really ached for about 2 weeks...

Please find out ... what you can do about not having insurance...I think it is important to have the checkup...

So far, I wasn't told I need more coils, but I must say I worry more about them telling me I need added coils...then the angiogram...Colleen

i wish i could under stand this recoil stuff-is recoiling needed for ruptured more than un ruptured?-for the record i wassah ruptured, coiled and recoiled & was told not to worry since it was common for coils to settle-2 yrs ago. i guess the stats dont matter much- it is what it is- and if they say i need a whatjamahoozy installed- i want one!!