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Reaching goals

I just wanted to post on here because I am proud of how far I have come since my aneurysm.

I feel that my family/friends have all moved on as if it was just a little hiccup. I am still in a bit of shock that this happened to me and I am still here reaching my goals today. I feel that you all will understand my sense of accomplishment.

I am halfway through my Bachelor's degree of nursing, starting my third year in the fall. Being a nurse has been my dream since I started post secondary. I was working on my first year when my aneurysm ruptured during final exam week. I was not able to write my exams and was afraid this ruined my chance of becoming a nurse as I was left with some deficits. I fought hard to recover and took my exams just a few short months after my rupture so I could stay on track.

My deficits have healed and others I have learnt to live with, I am doing very will in my program. I am so motivated and inspired to be the best nurse I can be because of this experience. I am so proud of myself. I remember lying in my hospital bed with excruciating pain and feeling defeated. Not anymore.

Now, I am beside people in their time of need providing comfort and support, advocating in their best interest. I work hard because I care about my patients and I want the best for them.

I think about how nurses are often referred to as "angels". It is a blessing and a miracle that I am here and healthy and I truly believe there is a reason for that...

Please feel free to share your goals and accomplishments, or anything you are proud of :)

Thanks for reading & sharing....

Jennifer...I am so proud of you for your results... prayers for your continuation in your is a wonderful sense... Thanks for is delightful...



How absolutely awesome !! You should be proud of yourself !! You've overcome some major odds and it sounds like things have worked out very well--you keep going, Girlie !

Peace, Janet

Jennifer - you have a right to be proud. Wow! I only wish that you could be at the bedside of my mom who is currently recovering from a Grade 5 aneurysm. I am 1500 miles away and it is killing me not to have someone who really "knows" her situation around her. I am sure you are an angel of a nurse to whoever you treat….Wishing you continued good health and desire to help are in inspiration to many! CJ

Jennifer...It is totally awesome that you are pursuing your goal. You should be proud. Keep up the hard work it will be worth every minute of it.

You now have a special gift. I am a spouse of a rupture survivor. One of the things that helped me the most along the way was the surgeon that saved my wife. He was a spouse of a survivor too. Someday you may be able to help a patient and family through this, and be an inspiration for them too. It is a blessing for those who are in need, and such a comfort at a time when it is really needed. You will be able to speak from the heart. You are an "angel". So thank you for working hard, and your dedication to becoming a nurse. You are a blessing.

Good luck, and bless you

Awesome Jennifer! Congratulations and because you were unwilling to quit you will help many families that cross your path in your career. How beautiful is that!

Wow Jennifer. Few of us are doing a job we loved. I am impressed with your tenacity to recovered so well and excelled
in your nursing career. Yes you will make a wonderful and compassionate nurse because of your experience as a survivor of an SAH. You are certainly blessed doing what you truly love. Keep up the good work Jennifer. You’re certainly an angel to the nursing profession. . My prayers and thoughts are with you.

Wonderful news! Many of us need to hear these success stories, thank you!

This is wonderful ... and inspiring...You are in the part of the journey of acceptance...just don't be hard on you...You are doing it...and find life after Your Brain Aneurysm...Wishing you a beautiful day ~ Colleen