Post operation feeling

Hello everyone,ive been diagnosed with the left MCA anurysm last june, after all the waiting and wondering finally i have signed up to treat it with my only possible option "clipping", the operation is going to be on Mon 6th of FEb which is not far away but im very nervous, please could you guys tell me whats the post operation feeling gona be like.God bless you all

Hi Millie, my aneurysm was on the left ICA resting on the optic nerve; it was clipped in April 2011. Everyone's post op feelings are a bit different but expect pain the first few days. Your head will feel like dead wood and numb (for up to several years I'm told). You will feel extremely tired throughout the day so take every opportunity to rest, rest, rest. Your activities will be curtailed -- no heavy lifting, no housework, no driving, just sit back and take it easy. My headaches were minor and subsided within a week; in fact, I used very little narcotic pain killer and relied on Tylenol. After surgery my face was swollen, bruised, my jaw was sore and I could not open my left eye - most of the work was done around the orbital area. The swelling went down after a few days but the eye remained swollen shut for weeks but not everyone has this reaction. I had to wait 3 months from time of diagnosis to surgery - I remained positive and had great faith in my neuro surgeon, I think the positive outlook and the prayers and wishes of many went a long way in keeping my anxiety at bay. I hope that your surgery goes well and that you have few residual effects to deal with My prayers are being sent your way.

HI Millie...I was coiled, so I can't help with the post operative information, but I can keep you in my Thoughts and prayers...! You will do this and heal and then you too can move on...Gotcha in my prayers...Colleen

i wil send up prayers for you thhat all goes well.

Millie...I was coilled after a rupture... my prayers and Best wishes are with you!

Hi Millie,

My surgery was so long ago that a lot of my memories have faded (although they've been coming back since I became a BAF member. Arleen's response is very much like what I remember that my experience was like.

Today, for the first time, I read Ken' Statmann's blog.

A letter from your Brain

I recommend it to you. It will give you a good idea of what recovery is like and also make you smile.

I will pray that you will have a successful surgery and a complete and quick recovery.

May God bless you.


Hi Millie. Like you I was extremely nervous but resigned myself to the fact that it had to be done or I would be even more nervous living life knowing the aneurysm could burst at any time, years, days or hours or never. I found out on 8/15/11 and was operated on 10/10/11. Left side7.5mm Ani and upon going in the surgeon found a small one and fixed it also. Post-op I was kept sedated but did awake here and there, enough time for them to know I was doing good. I had a left swollen, reddish eye and it was closed, but within a week it was completely normal. Of course there was pain while in the hospital and they gave me pain shots while there. I went in on Monday, came home on Friday night with Percocet, which I took for a few days. Slept a lot and don't remember too much. Short term memory was very bad, but has since returned to almost normal. I did go through a few long-term periods of migraines which were awful. I had no migraines pre-op and still don't know what was causing them. Like Arleen stated, energy level is awful, no driving, housework, etc. I tried, but never could go for more than 10 minutes at that time. Everyone's outcome is different and ones age & health can also be a factor with recovery. Prayer's for you and your family. Stay strong. Jeanne (<: