Post pipeline headache

I had a pipeline stent placed 8 weeks ago and have had 6 weeks of utter bliss with no headache at all like the surgery didn’t happen. This week I started a headache for 2 days that is just an annoyance- nothing like " worst headache of my life". First has anyone had residual headaches that didn’t start right away…second should I be worried that the stent is failing somehow- anyone experience a stroke or rupture this late after surgery, third- What do you guys tell yourself when you get your average headache that you had a hundred times over before the Annie was discovered that is truly nothing but a headache. Not the zebra, but the horse:). I will call the dr by Monday if it isn’t resolved…just want to hear others experiences post pipeline.

Hi Teresa, I received the pipeline on january, 2010 in Italy.
I have had some headache after the procedure when I was tired too much.
Ask to’ your doctor, and keep us posted.
Take care of you.


Please look at our PED Group page where you will see many stories both pre and post PED surgery. There you can also post your questions as most of the member have either gone through the PED surgery, or are awaiting it.

Best wishes for speedy recovery.