I am 8 weeks post PED and recently got hit with headaches again. The doctor placed me on 6 day steroid burst. Anyone have this? Did the headaches return after the 6 days?
I thought I was free from headaches as I had not had one since 2 weeks post op.

Hi Teresa and hope you are recovering well from your PED surgery. Please also post your question in the PED Group where a lot of discussions are held regarding the PED and pre and post surgery stories.

I'll keep you in my prayers!


Hi Teresa...I was coiled...and headaches after being coiling are a definite ... or at least my Doctor told me I would have them for 6 months and I did and continue with them at times...more migraines...

I am not sure about steroid bursts for headaches...I do know I take high doses of steroids along with benadryll b4 my angiograms due to allergy of the dyes...and I must tell you the combination always gives me a headache...

Gotcha in my Thoughts ~ Colleen

Linda I can’t seem to figure out how to post within the groups. I can only find the share button in the general forum

Teresa, you hve to join the PED Group first. Go into the group page and click join this group. Then either Giovanni or I will approve it and then you can post. Any problems please let me know!