Having a coiling procedure on Wednesday

Hello all,

I have an approx. 5 mm berry aneurysm on my anterior communicating artery. I had an angiogram in December, and decided it is better to get it taken care of now than to wait and risk a rupture. My doctor said there is a 2% chance of stroke during the procedure, but I think I'd much rather risk a stroke while in the hospital on the table than risk a rupture.

My doctor is Dr. Hellinger, and I am very impressed with him.

I'm wondering, what have been your experiences with coiling? Is it that much different than the angiogram experience, which was just lying still for a few hours afterwards? I am doing a rapid in / out, so should be released the next day. How did you folks feel afterwards?



HI Diana...You have my prayers for tommorrow...it is a long journey...but definitely a doable one...Cyber~thoughts and prayers your way...Colleen

Hi Diana

I shall be thinking of you, I'm also due for coiling soon, and I shall keep you in my prayers. Please let us know how you are doing.

All my best


Hi Diana0

I was coiled and stented 14mos ago and am FINE!!!!! You will be in good hands and will do well.

Best to you



I was put under total anestesia so waking from that was worse than the actual coiling. The procedure took about 4 hrs (I had 6mm. aneurysm and he placed 7 coils in it), once I got my mouth back (it was dry as bone) I started to feel better. They kept me at ICU one night (woke me up every hour to check that I was ok.) and then second night at another department - it was the hospital policy to keep me in 2 nights. I was moving normally as soon as I got home, just wasn't allowed to do any rigoureus excercise until the wound in my groin healed (10 days). I have been fine since (it was last year March) and been able to continue my life as before. I'm glad that I did it, because now it's taken care of and I don't have to worry about it any longer.


Hi Diana

I was just in last Tuesday to have a 3-4mm anuerysm coiled (left communicating artery). It took less than an hour, had to lie flat for 6 hours, they kept me in bed over night (didn't leave recovery until almost 6pm) and was discharged at 11:30 am. I couldn't believe that it was all over with in that short of time. I'd had one rupture on Dec. 24/10 and so the recovery was longer and more of a struggle. I'm tired and my groin is a little tender can't do any heavy lifting (10 days as well, same as Aila) but all in all everything is fantastic. I have a follow up with the neurosurgeon in March and have to go see my family doctor on Friday so that she can yea or nay my returning to work next week and being able to drive again. I think that I'll be able to do both by next week. I pray that all goes as quickly for you with a speedy recovery.


Diana, welcome

Mine had ruptured; I was coiled, and I will leave it at that a this time.

Prayers for your best comfort level and decision; and, that your doctor meets your expectations. There are many who do have coils, and who are saisfied.


Praying for you Diana...hope all went well or the best it could...Cyber~prayers...Colleen

Hello all thanks for all the responses. My procedure went well, no complications. I was released around noon the following day. I feel fine now, pretty fatigued, but I’m sure that was to be expected.

I want to thank everyone for their well-wishes, and for sharing their experiences…this is a great board.

great news!!!! :) xx

Hi Diana,

This is great news!

Thanks be to God.


Congratulations, I'm glad you are feeling fine. I hope you get to relax before going back to work!

How long before you were able to get back to work?