I had a large aneurysum stented and coiled and than more coils added. After my last MRI my Dr. said their was some “ponding” at the base . He said it’s not to worry about. Has anyone ever heard of “ponding” or had their Dr. tell them this also. Linda

I was told that I could never have another MRI, That it would pull out the the stent and coils is this true?
I’m glad you had it done with no problems, I had oral cancer and get a Mri evey 6 months, so I need to know.

I think MRI and MRA are different but I don"t know how. I have 2 aneurysms The first is very large and is stented and coiled with more coils added about a year latter and the second is just coiled. I have had 2 MRI’s during this and am scheduled to have another in 9 mo. to check on them. So I would talk to yourDr. of maybe get a second opinion. I changed docters when the first one failed with my surgery. The second DR. is great.

My question is who told you that you could not have an MRI? You need to ask the physician who put your coils and stent in if you are MRI compatible. I know that years ago you could not have an MRI but I thought that with the materials being used to today you could. So I think that the only way you could be sure (actually, safe) is to find out from the physician who did the surgery. I hope this helps.

Thank you donna, the nurse at the hospital told me. I’m going to my family Doc tomorrow. I’ll ask him, He’s not much told me to stop going to surgeon.that I had to many thngs wrong, in other words give up and die.

Linda I would be very interested to hear what you find out about “ponding” thanks…Judy

If you find out what the term ‘ponding’ means please let everyone know. This is a term I have not heard of before, but I am learning of a lot of terms I was not aware of before. And a lot of does and don’ts following surgery. Thank goodness for the BAF Support so that we can all discover and educate ourselves together. It is sad it seems we have to do this this way, and that there is so little medical/ government help in this area.

I believe that this is blood that "leaks" from the annie.....I am experiencing that now.....headaches are awful!!!!