Follow up tests after stenting and coiling of unruptured aneurysm

Hi all

I had an unruptured aneurysm stented and coiled in August 2010. I had a follow up MRI/MRA without contrast in Dec. 2010. My doctor told me everything looks great and to return for another MRI/MRA in a year. I did that today but now he tells me that because of the stent he can't really see what's going on directly inside the stent and he's recommending an angiogram (through the groin) I had been under the impression that the typical follow up was MRI/MRA if everything was going along as expected but maybe I was mistaken. Has anyone else had an angiogram or CT scan as part of a routine follow-up for an unruptured aneurysm that was stented and coiled? I'm worried that he sees something that might be concerning him on the MRI/MRA that he's not telling me about.


Hi Joanne...I was coiled in November of 2010...and 6mos after coiling I had angiogram (all looked good) then Doctor told me I would have to come back in one year June 2012 for another angiogram...that is what they told me before surgery and after surgery...I will tell you most on this site have angio at the 6 mos or 1 year I wouldn't be so concerned that he sees something, but that he wants to make sure all is good...

Hope this helps you out...Colleen

Thanks so much for your post Colleen! This is reassuring.


Was your unruptured aneurysm, a wide-neck aneurysm needing the stent?

For making your decision(s) on treatment, were you provided the "patient labeling" brochure for stents?

Did your MD explain what he was able to visualize 12/2010 and not able to 12/2011 by MRI/MRA?

I have numerous stents...that are "off-label" and "off-record"...and I will leave it at that tonight.

Prayers for good results of an angio and the explanation from your MD.


Yes mine was a wide neck fusiform that needed stenting. I did ask him about the difference between the two MRI's and he said he wasn't able to see then. He's giving me a choice of having CT scan or an angiogram now but he wants an angiogram sometime within 5 years of the procedure. I'm opting for the angiogram now. I have an enteprise stent. I do think I have a brochure about that particular stent. Is that what you are referring to when you say "patient labeling" brochure? What do you mean by "off-label" and "off-record"?

Thanks for your good thoughts Pat and I hope you are doing well.


Hi Joanne, I had a rupture on february, 2009.
First coiled and on january,2010 I received the Ped stent.
I have had the below control :

  1. februar 2010 CT scan.
  2. september,2010 , Angio
  3. september, 2011 CT scan.

Next control, september, 2012 I do not know yet if it will be scan CT ( with contrast ) or an Angio.
I do prefer to have an angio !
take care of you.

Hi Joanne,

In December, I had my 6month follow up angio after having the PED stent in June, 2011. I also had an MRA w/o contrast 3 weeks prior to the angio. Because everything looked good, my surgeon said I need another MRA in 6 months, and if all still looks good, MRAs once a year.

I do have a small 3 mm watch and wait annie and the PED stent. I don't think you need to be concerned if he's asking for an angio after all this time. It's not uncommon, if you see other's replies, to have the follow up angios.

Best wishes!


Yes, the patient labeling is the patient is a pleasure, and builds confidence to learn this data has been provided / explained to some patients.

"off-label" is when a device is used differently from its FDA approved purpose; i.e. original stents were for concomittant use w/coiling of a wide-neck aneurysm. "off-label" usage should be reviewed/approved by a local IRB for unique circumstances. "off-record" is my personal terminology for "off-label" devices implanted somewhere and not addressed/ defined in the formal written records of a patient.

You may want to try the FDA site for more detailed data. My memory blanks on words; easiest for me is remembering the FDA product # H020002...put it in search and it will take you to the FDA site for low annual volume devices and related data, like IRB.

Hope any may be of help to you and others on devices.


Thanks Linda. I do feel better after seeing other people's posts. Thank you for your help.

Hi Joanne,

I just had coiling and a stent on an unruptured basilar tip annie October 24, 2011. I had an MRA before leaving neuro intensive care and he is doing an angiogram early February to check on the stent and to see if I can discontinue Plavix (I will be on aspirin 325 the rest of my life). I won't know how often he wants to test or if it will be angio or MRA until after my follow-up angio. Did your doctor discontinue your Plavix (I am assuming you took it) after a few months?


Yes I was on Plavix for several months. I can't recall if it was 1 or 3 months and then my doctor took me off. I didn't have any tests done there was just a set time frame he wanted me on the Plavix. I'm on 325 mg. of asprin for the rest of my life too but thats a small price to pay. I'm a little nervous about my upcoming angio but the only way my life has changed sinced having the procedure is that I need to take the asprin (and I'm a bit more appreciative of everyday) I know every case is different but your situation sounds similar to mine so I hope this is reassuring. .