Pipeline embolization device

I know this is fairly knew. I think the FDA approved for use in 2011. Anyone here have one put in yet? Results? Are you satisfied? My doctor said I cant use a stint or coil because of aneurysm location and size of the neck. I will ask him about PED. any thoughts

Hi Roy...we have one of the first PED groups on the internet...click below and ask to join...it will be a lot of help to you...


Also, if you click above on the BAF Website there is more information and video's on all procedures...

Good Luck...~ Colleen

Thanks Colleen

Hi Roy, I had the coiling and PED done in July of 2013. I was in the hospital one night and went home the next day. Had some headaches for a couple months after but hardly get them anymore. My 6 month angiogram showed every thing is well. I found a lot on here that have had the pipeline and are doing well. I know that it can shrink a annie, mine will not because I also have the coils. Good luck with your decision. God bless, Deb