I have 9 coils and a stent , I wonder if its just a stent or is it considered The PED ( pipeline embolization device) I plan on asking my doc but I don't see him til next month . I was just curious I guess .

It is most probably a stent- as I understand it the Pipeline is still a pretty new procedure and they would def talk to you about it. The PED also seems to work instead of coiling not usually in addition to coiling. I asked about the PED and it didn’t work for where my aneurism was located but also ( at my 2nd opinion) they said they would have to arrange for someone to come out and oversee and monitor the surgery because it hadnt been done at that sight before. I hope you are feeling well Amanda! Recovery is a rolled coaster;) Heather


The PED was just FDA approved for use in the US in April 2011. The doctor who did my PED procedure on June 8, 2011 is one of only 6 doctors across the US proctoring other surgeons on how to do the PED procedure. As of when my annies were discovered, the hospital where I had mine done had only done 7 before me! Also, I was given a card to carry around with with me at all times because it is a metal substance so every time I have an xray or MRI/MRA I need to let the technician know. But you should definitely ask your doctor what type of stent it is and if it is necessary for you to notify when you have an MRI/MRA or xray done!

Please keep us posted as to what type of stent you have and best wishes for continued recovery!