Pipeline embolisation device questions

Hi everyone this is my first post.
I am 45 years old and I have recently ( 11th January 2015) been diagnosed with an 18mm aneurysm in my internal carotid artery behind my right eye.
After a cerebral angiogram, it has been determined that the only treatment available is a pipeline embolisation device as the neck of my aneurysm is too wide for coiling and clipping is not an option due to the proximity of my optic nerve.
Has anyone out there had this done and could you share your experiences please?

Rich... search the Groups sessions... for the PED and/or Pipeline Groups...they may have combined...

Best of luck to you in your decisions and treatment...as in any of the diagnosis and procedures, we have those with excellent results and others who have suffered...

Not to worry...both directions run in any procedures...based on quality / expertise levels a/w/a our general health, etc...

Blessings to you in your decisions and results...


Rich, a lot of members have had a PED. Hope some will answer. In the meantime, go to Groups up on the top right side, click on the groups, not support groups. A list of all the groups will come to the page. I can’t remember if it’s on the first or second page. Another option is to type PED or the entire words into the search box up at the very top right side.

Hi Rich, I just had the PED stent placed (finally) this past October. they tried last year (2013) in November but were unable to cross the previous stent I had. Next option was a cerebral bypass, went for that june 2014, that didnt go as planned so back to trying the PED stent and it worked. they also closed off my right vertebral artery and put more coils into the aneurysm. I have my 6 month f/u this April, next month some time. They did have a 1 month f/u MRI after the procedure and that showed some bleeding on the brain near the cerebellum. more than likey caused by the plavix I have to be on now. (so now instead of baby aspirin(because I already have a stent) I now am on 325 mg Aspirin and 75 mg of plavix to thin the blood - we want the anni to clot but not the stent and the perforating vessels near it causing me to stroke etc. So far so good. I rec. looking for a neuro who has done many PED stents- experience does count. let me know if I can help w/ anything else

Mamika...so wonderful to hear from you...and, your successes...you have been thru a lot in a fairly short time...

Hugs and prayers to you,


Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to respond to me.
It’s fantastic to be able to speak to people with first hand experience of my situation. This forum is a god send. Thanks again


I had the PED stent placed in 2010. It was a total success! The coils inserted previously had begun to slip (I had a wide-neck aneurysm as well), and the PED was the only option other than a craniotomy surgery. I have had no further problems with coils slipping, headaches, etc. since the PED was placed. In fact, I was even able to stop taking medication to control my blood pressure after a few years! I only have to take 325 mg aspirin daily to prevent clots, etc. I wish you the best of luck!!!