Pipeline stent with existing coils and stent

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What a wonderful resource for patients and families dealing with aneurysms! I am re-posting this (hopefully to the right area). I am brand new, so forgive me if his was answered in another thread. My mom is scheduled to have the pipeline stent placed next week. Although we are thrilled that the doc will not be performing a craniotomy, we are nervous because the FDA website says not to add the pipeline to an existing stent (she has 14 coils and 1 stent but her aneurysm is not completely closed off). Anyone else in the same boat?Thanks!

Hi Jess and welcome to BAF. We have a group called the Pipeline Embolization Device (PED) Group which is located here http://www.bafsupport.org/group/pipeline-embolization-device-ped Please feel free to post your questions in that Group, you will find plenty of answers from everyone who has had this procedure already.

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Jess...Linda is a great person here at BAF ... and it will be interesting what you will learn from the pipeline group...

You are too kind, Colleen!!! Jess found our Group and we will do ourbest to help her through this!



Thx to you all!

Jess...what a big decision...for your mother, her family and of course, the doctors! You are blessed to have the PED group here...

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My annie ruptured May 2011 at that time I was given 9 coils but need more . sept. 2011 I went back for more coils but came out with a stent , He just couldn't get the coils in there . He said we would try one more time . just a week ago may 11 2012 I went for more coils and when I woke up I was told they couldn't get anything in there . at one time he said clipping and/or pipeline were options. but recently told me that the pipeline is not an option because I already have a stent and clipping isn't an option because of the risky location . So i'm left with with an annie that isn't completely packed ,blood still gets in . My fear is what if my coils become compacted then what ?

Thanks so much Pat!

Hi Amanda,

Sounds like u and my mom are in the same boat. She has been in limbo for the past four years. In 2008, her doc said he was gonna have to cut, but for some reason, held off. She went for MRAs every 6 months and we always expected to hear the news that he wanted her to come in for surgery. But luckily, he would just say “let’s just watch it and have another MRA in 6 months”. Last July, her MRA showed changes and the aneurysm grew. She went for an angio in October and he said it grew and to repeat the angio in 6 months. Here we are after the second angio, he decided to try the pipeline. I believe he said he is going to put the pipeline through the original stent. She has a really wide necked aneurysm… We are hopeful that this is the final procedure. My mom trusts her surgeon with her life. She is still very scared, but ready.
My mom’s aneurysm in right in her speech center, so she is happy he is not cutting.
Maybe like my mom’s doc, urs will watch urs. Thoughts ur way!!!