People who have or had an unruptured aneurysm and gone through coiling

IMPORTANT: I have to decide to have a coiling procedure today or tomorrow

To be able to decide with facts, I am trying to assert how many with small or no more than 6mm unruptured aneurysms but OTHERWISE VERY HEALTHY decided to have an endovascular procedure to avoid rupture AND NO HEALTH ISSUES AFTERWARD such as: headaches, speech, equilibrium or anything else that didn’t exist before the procedure.

ALSO: how many have had or have a recurrence after coiling or stunting?

Hello ,

Well, in my case(s), I've undergone 2 clippings and coiling as well...the coiling was after an Sah/coma in 2006...granted, it had ruptured...BUT..once out of the coma, I never had headaches.....If I hadn't had known that a coil was in my head, I never would've been able to guess that I had one, bottom line.

The decision is ofcourse never an easy one to make...i do know that I thank God I made it to the hospital(s) when my annies' were about ready to let loose and was fortunate to be able to be dealt with. My coil did compact after several years, and I chose to have it clipped instead of adding more coils..I can say however that without the coil and all the medical advances of this technology.. I wouldn't be here today.

And if you happen to land in a 'chosen' medical facility and have skilled surgeons at the ready, you are more then halfway to your recovery mode.

PS: I had no health issues before my annies, and none afterward either. No restrictions other then the obvious ones....I wouldn't think twice if I were in a precarious position though, if the doctors said it was my best bet I would no doubt go with their advice if I felt comfortable with my medical team.

Best of luck to you, peace, Janet


Jo you hit the nail on the head--Opportunities like this--indeed, very hard to find ! Take care, Janet

Dear Janet

Thank you for telling me your story. You have gone through quite an ordeal! I am glad it’s all behind you.

For me it is starting. I think i decided to have it done only because i am in America.

I hope i will be alive and well to talk to you.


Dear Jo

thank you so very much for your long explanation and sympathy and advice.

I finally saw Dr Sanchez, Carol’s doctor and he wants to transfer me to his hospital and do the angio first.

Then he said he would discuss with me the various treatment options: coiling versus clipping

Hard decision to make

I really hope i will know you someday


Michele, you've got an excellent, quality doctor and are in a terrific place ! Carol speaks very highly of Dr. Sanchez and has a world of confidence in his 'work'...Carol is a living testimony (And Carol is awesome!)

None of this is easy but .. it sure is do-able...(And 'm sure you'll be alive and WELL )

Take care, Talk soon!


Thank you Jo. Me too i wish we meet someday. Please pray for me. Tomorrow is the angio

After that i have to decide coil or clipping

Good night

Please explain this. Is it an opportunity or are you kidding? I am naive or my French is on the way

Good night

I have recently had coiling on a aneurysm that ruptured February 2012. This was the 2nd coiling for it. The unruptured one that I have was coiled at the same time. It’s doing fine. Not compacting at all. I have been very fortunate in the fact that I have only had headaches while I was in the hospital the first time. Since coming home no headaches. I have had some short term memory loss but at age 58 I can’t attribute that all to the aneurysms. I wish I had gotten the opportunity to have choices. I would have still chosen the coiling. Keep us posted.

Dear Myra

Thank you for your encouragement and advice. I am sorry you went twice through the ordeal of having twice to deal with aneurysm.

But I am glad you were able to go on with your life. thank God


Hi JMT...I had a leaky aneurysm that was 9mm on my basilar artery tip...I haven't answered your post...because I didn't have the best coiling experience...and continue the journey...I was 46 when I had my coiling...

I want you to just have my Thoughts and Prayers on making a decision...this isn't easy...and YOU need to do what is best for YOU...~ Gotcha in my Thoughts ~ Colleen

Dear Colleen

Thank you for being frank. That what I want: for people to tell me their real experiences so i can make up my mind.

It does scare me when I read your experience.

This is why I would like to know the specifics such as: we’re you bleeding before or after the coiling? Did you have an angiogram me before?

I asked to be your friend so we can discuss about your ordeal.

Thank you again and god bless you


I accepted your friendship...

One answer to your first angiogram ... was when they did my coiling...

Bleed where ... my aneurysm? they said it was leaking blood causing my symptoms prior to my coiling...but I bled in the back of my throat and groin ... hemorrhage in both places during surgery...hard because even though I have had many medical things done in my life...I eat very healthy...always exercised and walk a lot and run...etc., Keep my weight down, etc., I woke in NICU ... on induced was so hard on my hubby...had blood transfusions, etc., but here I am my life...I do have issues...and my coils have compacted...decisions will have to be made in 2014...I will step over that bridge when I get there...please will be close in my prayers this help you make a decision that is right for you...Colleen

Dear Colleen

Thank you for your kind reply. I didn’t receive your acceptation to be my friend.

I wanted to express my profound sympathy and desolation for your health problems. Do you think they made a wrong move or mistakes in handling your coiling?

you say coiling and them surgery? did you have both ?

It is indeed scary. Did you know your doctor well? I would like to call you or write to you or if you prefer to call me I’ll give you my phone number.

What are you going to do in 2014?

Thank you for sending me a reply to my friend request or sending me a new one.

My best wishes to your recovery


I look at it like maintenance on the car…at 50,000 you have to do something to the car …at 18 mos I needed more coils. Went for my follow up today. Dr said everything looks good.