On count down mode!

On Dec. 23, 2012 after receiving a cerebral angiogram I came to find out that I had a brain aneurysm. Then the decision had to be made of what kind of procedure I wanted to go with. Well after much thought & many sleepless nights I decided to go with the coiling. I'm scheduled for the coiling procedure to be done on March 14, 2012 which is around the corner already. I'm really nervous/scared of the procedure but I know that I cant hold back and wait...Feels like there's a ticking time bomb in my head waiting to go off....Blah! I hate feeling like that. Its scary to find out that this is called by many as "The Silent Killer" since there's really no sign of it till its too late. I luckily found out that this could be hereditary and got checked after my mother suffered from a ruptured brain aneurysm back in July 2011 or else I will still be clueless. Now I just pray to God that my kids don't inherit this also.

Hi Araceli and Again Welcome...!

It is normal to be scared ... and I bet on the same time...want to "get the show on the road..." I remember this feeling well...it is better to be coiled while the annie has not ruptured...and you know you have my thoughts and prayers...xoxoxox Colleen

Yes that's exactly how I feel. The first thing I got told after I got the news is not to worry which to tell you the truth has been very impossible to do....lol Thank you for the prayers Colleen I really do appreciate them...XOXOX! :)

Hi Araceli, I know the nerves are terrible, hard not to be nervous. Take a deep breath and pretty soon it will be over. Just remember that you will need a lot of rest. I am glad they discovered your aneurysm before it ruptured and will keep you in my prayers. Good luck and let us know how you are doing when you can.

MHi Araceli

I too was diagnosed with a 7mm aneurysm around the same time I feel exactly like you I was waiting to see a neurosurgeon who put me in touch with another neurosurgeon who put me ii touch with the guy who will be doing the coiling I have just got back from my appointment with him been there all day and he’s going to Carrie out a aniograms

On the 28 th march if it looks straight forward he will do the coiling then but if any quierie he will do it a week after that I feel like iv been waiting forever but one day at a time it will come

Hope everything goes ok for you I know it will your in good hands keep me updated on your procedure we can get through this .

Thanks Jimmy

Hi Araceli, take your time.

I had my rupture on February,2009 , first coling and 1 year later I get the PED , Pipeline Embolization Device.

I'm used to wait : angiogram, result , CT Scan, PED , Coils, that's our life.

Be positive and think we're lucky , you're lucky : the annie , or the bomb has been discovered before something happened.

You'll see March, 14 is just after the corner..........everything will be great, day by day !

My prayers are for you, take care of you.

Giovanni from Italy

yes we will also be praying that you will have great courage and a sucsessful procedure,i was so happy when a doctor told me the coiling was 100% ocluded -i think that was the word,i didn't know the meaning but judging from the giant ear to ear smile i surmised it was all good.i had 2 coilings both scary-but fear can be fought off and conquered,your family will be very proud of you,just think of God, family and anything else when the fear tries to overtake u,try thinking of the things you love or something positive.God and love conquer all.I'm permanantly disabled from the anuerism -thank the Lord they found yours before it ruptured. I believe you will be fine soon.Don't worry these experts are exactly that-experts.Everyone whose lifes were saved claims that their doctors the best- well at that exact moment they ARE.Good luck Araceli and let us know when you feel up to it-ron ps my silent killer has been conquered and defeated-checkmate

Thank you Shelly I think after all this Im going to go on a mental vacation and relax :)

I saw two different neurosurgeons and if one aint able to do the coiling I was told that the other neurosurgeon is going to step in and do the clipping right there and then. So Im hoping the coiling is a success...crossing my fingers*

I will definitively let you know how it goes. With this BAF community group atleast we know we aint alone with our fears & by reading everyones stories we can stay hopeful that we are going to survive this. Big Hug Jimmy ans I wish you all the best on your procedure also :)

Hello Alison...Glad your procedure went well. I so hope I dont get no side affects either.

Thank you!

Hello Gionanni...Thank you for the prayers I will be sure to take it day by day. Sending blessings & hugs your way. :)

Hello Ronald...Hey! I say my doctors are the best also...lol I have alot of faith in them since they are the same ones that saved my mothers life when her aneurysm ruptured. But there are moments when the what ifs' try to get the best of me but thats when I have to remember to just shake them off cause deep inside I know that my silent killer will be conquered also. XOXOX! Thank you Ronald :)


I too worry for my girls that thay don't inherit what I/we have but at least we are aware that this nightmare is heriditary. Hopefully if there is a need for immediate or long term correction at least the Dr's will be hopefully prepared for what needs to be done. I send my warmest regards to you and family.



This next week will pass quickly for you.

Many thoughts and prayers for you...



Prayers for your success, too,


Thank you Pat :)

Thank you Steve...I cant even imagine how I would feel if my kids were to have one. A few weeks ago my nieces friend a 13yr old girl fainted while in school and was rushed to the hospital she went into a coma and died 2 days later from a ruptured brain aneurysm her parents never knew she had one. That news hit me like a ton of bricks cause I had no idea that a little kid could die from that also. So now I'm thinking of asking my kids Dr to send my two oldest since they are teenagers already for a CT Angio just to make sure nothing is going on up there. And hopefully nothing will be found but I will push them to get checked every 10yrs after that. I just wish there was early screening & more awareness of brain aneurysms.

Sending blessings to you & your family :)

yes lets be encouraged that we will continue to heal.I have no children, I can only imagine what you are going thu. Try to remain as positive as possible and continue to pray that they make advancements in early detections and surgical procedures.Thanks for your input and please give Mom a big hug of reassurance & tell her she is not alone -your friend ron PS- my mom is 83 & took care of me after going home from the hospital & i got the gout!!!!

Will do for sure. And I pray that you keep on making progress on your recovery...Big Hug :)