Not as depressed

Hello everyone I found this site yesterday. It has helped soooo much I even got sleep and woke up happy today because its is so great I can talk to people that understand the things I’m going through. Just wanted to thank everyone and god bless.

Tell me about it Jeannie! I come here everyday to get hope and peace of mind! It helps me so much to hear similar stories and to get help!

Jeannie that is so awesome news, sleep is so important to us especially, thank you for sharing your positivity- its contagious!! Bless you and yours! oh yeah Welcome Jeannie! great job writing already, we luv input! stick with us, the comraderie is amazing!

We all need this site. Thank you your awesome.

It is such a great site Jeannie...~ Glad you are a part of it...~ Colleen