No symptoms of Brain Aneurysm....need help or share your story

Hello On July 10th My husband had a severe vomit that lead to nausea and passed out in bathroom. When I came in the bathroom I saw him lying flat on the floor with blood coming out of his head. He must have hit his head hard on the floor. So we called ER and they did CT Scan but found nothing. Since then the same incidence occurred again on July23rd this time he didn't pass out. So we spoke to the family doctor and he advised to go to Neurosurgeon. When we saw neurosurgeon she asked to get MRI done. We found in the MRI that he either has cavernous malformation or Brain aneurysm. So we went to see specialist at John Hopkins hospital he advise to get Angiogram done. Although the doc at John Hopkins did mention he had something in the front lobe on the right side. He is also having some hearing problems even after getting ear wax out. So right now we don't have any symptoms waiting for Angiogram which is schedule for Sept 20.
I wanted to know what happens next if they diagnose something?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Again Welcome Ash to BAF ~

An angiogram will show everything in the is what many of us have to see the brain and our annies...and then to check after should get more information from Doctors after having this angiogram...keep hubby calm...and happy...Gotcha both in my Thoughts Colleen

Thank you Colleen. Yes I am counting days for angiogram. Do you know if the doctor will share pictures of the images. The reason I am asking you is we have MRI done but none of the doctor actually showed the exact area. We have the CD but I am not a doctor to diagnose were the problem is. Thanks again

Hello Ash, the angio is the best way of knowing exactly what your husband has. After it's finished a neurosurgeon will look at the pictures and let you know if your husband needs surgery or not.

Don't worry, i had an angio and it saved my life.

God Bless


Thanks Nikki. Yes we are def getting angio done. But I am very nervous and really hope we don't have to go through surgery process. Thanks again.

Ask Ash...seems they don't do anything unless one asks...although I must admit my Neurosurgeon showed hubby and I pics and exactly what we were looking at in my brain...Truthfully, everyone should get copies of their CD's...I haven't done this and need to work never know if you would need another Doctor...and they can be copies on different then the big pics from long ago...Happy Friday sweetie...~ Colleen

hHi Ash-what happens depends on size and location as to whether they coil or clip thru the arteries in the upper leg area or thru the skull itself(cranny) Either way its very scary but they will know the best process-so remember you are not alone-please keep us posted and feel free to vent-many folks here have gone thru this, i was an emergency type but i think this is fairly accurate- from what i read here. Our hopes & prayers are with you

Thank you Ron. I will keep you all posted.

Hello Ash, I can definitely understand your worries and concerns, my husbands problems started with dizziness and vomiting back in 2/07 when they discovered a unruptered aneurysm. At that time he had the coiling procedure, which worked for about 4 yrs, then he started getting bad headaches and eye pain which have been going on for about a yr, then on 8/11/12 he started feeling dizzy again with severe vomiting, turns out his aneurysm had grown to the point that it was pushing on his brainstem worse than the first time.Luckily it didn’t rupture before they had to clip it and remove the old coil etc, his surgery was on 8/15 and he’s recovering well. Just has to get back in shape after being bedridden for 12 days, he’s in rehab at the hospital for at least another week. I wish your husband the best, and hope everything works out well if he does need surgery. Youre both in my prayers, God bless