My tale

I came home on a Friday night with a headache that by Sat afternoon was horrendous. My wife had the flu so I thought I was getting it. By Sunday night I knew that was not the case. Being a typical male I told wife I would wait til morning to go to urgent care. Well sometime early Monday morning I was suffering and I just happened to pick up the Nov 2010 issue of Readers Digest it had a little blurb in it that said: if you have the worst headache of your life it could be a brain aneurysm. Bingo I just knew it. I woke my wife and said take me in. I got to the ICU and said to them I have the worst headache of my life I think I have a brain aneurysm. They raised their eyebrows. Little did I know I had just saved my own life. I was in surgery a few hours later. Thanks to all the people in the neurology department at UMass Medical in Worcester Ma I am here to tell this tale. I will never be the same again.

Glad you picked up that magazine sorry it happened to you.

HI Mark...and Again Welcome to BAF...!

I consider this "brain annie" a long journey...but one that makes us all have a "new normal"...and it is all about accepting the "new us"...I too, like you am Thankful to be alive...

Have a Beautiful day...! Cyber ~ thoughts are with you...Colleen

Mark, you are one luck … smart guy. So many folks don’t recognize the warning signals. Best of luck to you.

So am I. I am in many ways not sorry it happened. It opened my eyes and told me I needed to take better care of myself and to not take things for granted.

All true and well said.

I am so grateful to be here. I am awed to this day that I read what I did when I did. Was it pure luck? I’ll never know but I will never forget how lucky I am. When I later found out the odds I was and remain floored by them.

HI Mark and welcome to BAF!

So glad you picked up that magazine and read that lil blurb! Here is the best source of support anyone could ask for in the "after annie" life we are all survivors of.

Best wishes to you in your journey and continued healthy healing!


Thanks Linda and back at cha

welcome mark, GOD does work in mysterious ways. My brother told the paramedics i had a bleed cause my pupils werent right, i learned if he wouldnt of said that i just would of got pain med and got sent home. WE DO NEED TO TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES. How are you now?

Outside of a few things which I won’t complain about I’m great!

Welcome, Mark,

You were blessed with that article...when you have time, can you share more?