Lisa's Story

On Sept. 25th I went to the ER with severe instant headache, visual issues, stiff neck, weakness, vomiting and a blackout moment. I was diagnosed with migraine and sent on my way. I told the ER staff it was not like “my normal” migraine headache! I continued to suffer from a headache so I went to dr and neurologist. I also developed extremely painful back pain and leg cramps. 2 weeks after the initial headache, they did a CT scan. It was normal. A week later I had an MRI with and without contrast. 2 days later, my aneurysm ruptured. I was taken to the same ER. As I lay in the hospital ER hooked up to a ventilator, the physician told my family that I was probably brain dead. My husband told me he knew that was not true because I was shaking my head no and had tears running down my face. I was taken to another hospital by helicopter. My craniotomy went well! I was released from hospital on Oct. 30th. I now suffer from memory issues, heart issues, fatigue and weakness. I’m thankful that I am a BA survivor!

Hi Lisa...again I read your story and I am reminded how sad that our ER's donot recognize a headache from bleeds/aneurysm's...etc., I can only hope that they learned from your case...

My first ER trip, I was told I have migraines...I kept saying..."NO NO" I don't get headaches...and this is something very weird...2nd trip to ER 10 days later ... told I was an anxious women, by a women Doctor...thank God for the ER Doctor...he said...I want her admitted and MRA done...saved my life...I wrote to that ER facility afterwards, hoping that they will recognize the signs and no one will go through what me and hubby went through...God Bless we are tough survivors...~ Wishing You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ~ Colleen

hi Lisa ~ so sorry you've endured this after all you've done with the tests, im glad you found this baf tho since it has helped me so much in my recovery. My sah was 3.5 yrs ago and still trying to recover. We'll keep you in our thoughts & prayers!

Hi Lisa-

Wow! My husband took me to the doctor's office first and they gave me something for a migrain. As an afterthought, they sent me for a CT which confirmed my aneurysm which had ruptured. I can't believe your experience went that far... I'm glad you're ok now!

thank god you are ok lisa........on dec 2nd 2013 i woke up very bad head pain.i called my family dr he called me back later in the day.i told him what was going on he told me to get my butt to the i went and they did a cts and found one annie on the back of my head.i got shipped too the lehigh valley truma center in allentown pa.the next morning a IR dr cath me and took pics of the rest of my head and he found out i had two more annies.well dec 5th 2013 i had a clipping done by a dr wong she was awesome.then april 4th of 2014 i had a coil surgery and came home april 5th.......i hurt some but not much............hope you feel better and i will keep in my prates............god bless you