You have tohear this song!

I stumbled upon a youtube video called kathleens journey You have to watch andlisten . Its about a woman named kathleen wrigley she survived 2 coiling and 1 clipping . The song is perfect !! I promise you it wilbecome your theme song !! its by whitney houston . Just lookfor kathleens journey on youtube . Can't wait to see your responses. Enjoy !

Wish I knew how to just put it on here to make it easier but I don't , sorry .

This song is so perfect!!! Watching the video and listening to the words just brought tears rolling down my face...It is my theme...

I downloaded it right away... :-)


Your right, that was beautiful. Sent chills through my body and tears down my face. I noticed on you tube there were many aneurysm videos. Although today to watch I cannot. Tears take their toll on migraines.

It was beautiful and with a beautiful ending. jeanne