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MRA today


Hello, I’m new here, I found out 6 month ago that I have an aneurysm, all I know is it’s 4.8mm on the Internal Carotid Artery. I go today for an MRA to see if there are any changes, I have to say I am very nervous! I am so glad I have found this site, it helps so much to know I am not alone. I have a wonderful , loving family but nobody likes to talk about this, I think they think if we don’t talk about it… it doesn’t exist. I just want to say thank you for being here!


Hi Pat,
My name is Maes, I have to be honest with you on behalf of your family. Tell you frankly they just loved you so much that they can’t afford to loose you. Ofcourse we all know that this could ruin their plans for life right? but you’re welcome to talk about it here.
feel free to tell us your pain,doubts and hopes. we all had this And most of us had been there or having the same feelings as you do. but What i alway’s tell to all that fear is just a state of mind. well maybe you might think that it’s easy for me to say this but I can tell this because I’VE been to hell and heaven on this but mine was Ruptured I became 50/50 chances of living but with God’s guidance and faith Here I am now telling the whole world that there is a God that heal’s and Give’s mercy to those who believe. So Don’t be affraid just be prepare your body and soul when you are into the scheduled opreation. I’m sure you’ll get through it too.Just look on the brighter side. Your Annie was detected on an early stage before it ruptured. mine was I never knew about it. so were not really prepared on this 'ANEURYSM" i was very healty then but I think that it was meant to happen and its a test for our family just to bind us all when in times like this.
Hey there’s a lot more in life after ANNIE.I’ll be glad to include you to my prayer just need your name.



Hi Maes,
Thank you so much for your response and prayers. My MRA and Dr visit went very very well, they said it did not change!!! I will go again in another 6 months . I’m happy with that!
How long ago did your Annie ruptured? So glad you made it through it ! God Bless you !


Hello Pat,
So happy to know you had an excellent results. But, Again having a good result doesn’t mean we can do or eat our heart out. We must continuously conscious about our well-being.more water much better as my nuero say’s.
It’s 15 years since my Annie had ruptured. Honestly It’s quite a very long journey that i had been through that’s why i really see to it that i share more to those that are unrupted Annie because it’s more easy for them to recover rather than mine. thank you for reply too.
Hey! take care alway’s were here to have a chat on this okay…



Hi Maes,
Thank you I will gladly except any advice you would like to share. This is all so new and frightening, I lost my grandmother to a brain aneurysm when I was only 2.
Have a good evening