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Hi all, my name is Cristian and I’m in the UK, I went to the neurologist 2w ago because I couldn’t move my right hand and arm anymore for like 5-10 secs, I was afraid of having experienced a TIA and because I’m also a very dedicated athlete I went straight in wanting to do all scans and checkups.
Dr Richard Nicholas decided to have 3 MRIs, brain, carotid and neck blood vessels, spinal cord.
Went to the appointment with him last Thursday and I ended up in shock :frowning: Dr Nicholas said everything was clear, no TIAs or strokes, tumors, nothing but in one of the scans there was “something”

“There is possibly a small aneurysm in the region of the left posterior communicating artery origin and therefore a formal intracranial MR Angiogram is advised”

The above were the words on the report, Dr Iain Colquhoun (Neuroradiologist).

I was shocked and I asked how big it was and Dr Nicholas said about 2mm, but he also said that because the MRI was programmed to find TIAs and strokes and/or tumors and irregularities, they couldn’t be 100% sure, so they needed to have me doing this MRA first to be able to actually tell if there was or not.

The doctor even said that the symptoms I had can’t be related to the aneurysm, if there is one.

I booked the MRA for this Monday and I’ll have results same day.

I tried to contact the Neuroradiologist asking if it was just “to confirm dimensions and shape and location” or actually because they wanted to verify if there is actually something, his response was the following:

“Dear Chris
As Dr Nicholas said it 50/50 something or nothing but I’m afraid we will have to wait for the MRA.

Regards Iain Colquhoun”

He was so kind to reply to me on a Saturday but still I’m terrified, I’m crying since Thursday and I have no family here (I’m from Rome, moved to UK in 2007) I’m honest I’m not ashamed to say that this was like a death sentence to me, sorry to look like crazy but I’m scared…

I’m having all sort of symptoms since Thursday and reading and instruct myself on this topic but the more I read the more I’m scared, doctor said it’s “easy with coiling” I read it’s not.

Anyway I’m an athlete and training every day, doing free weights and I fear my life could change dramatically, he mentioned I can train but obviously trying to avoid 1/2 max reps with gigantic weights, that’s ok to me as long as I could workout.

Also thinking all sort of things like when I’ll die if all my finances will be ok and things like that, I’m sorry and don’t want to look silly I’m just looking for some emotional help cause I’m falling apart and trust me I’m not the kind of guy that gets easily scared but this thing is the end for me… I’d have imagined I could live a good normal life and instead I’m 38 and I am already at the end…

I even tried to look on google to see if there is actually the possibility that in my case it’s not an aneurysm but if it’s not then what is it? I guess it’s just there I kinda feel it, I’m trying to prep myself to accept the news Monday but I can’t…

Thanks to whoever took the time to read this.


Hi Christian,
I understand your fear. I was in a very similar situation last June. My MRI showed what they believed to be an aneurysm and one week later the MRA confirmed it. Mine was 7mm and in was very frightened. I did what the doctors told me to do. No heavy lifting, no straining and to try not to get stressed. Are you kidding? I was very stressed, but did not Google anything related to it because in sound not have been able to function.

I went to Mayo clinic and they coiled it with no complications. I hear that they start treating them when they get my size and the smaller ones they like to watch and wait. I’m not sure how it works across the pond as I’m in the US.

I do not believe you have been given a death sentence. You have been granted a gift of knowledge. Most people do not know that they have one (or multiple) until they rupture. People like us are the lucky ones, although I am sure you do not feel very lucky right now.

Please try to relax until Monday and maybe write a list of all the questions that you have to ask the doctor. Modern medicine is amazing.

Praying you are not one in 50.
Warm regards, Michelle


Hey Xrkc6x,
I believe it’s pretty normal to be going down the ‘worst case scenario’ track. But I must say a 2mm annie is small when it comes to annies. Our vessels have a fair amount of flexibility, anything less than around 10mm is usually considered small, 10 to 25 is considered large, with anything over 25 considered as giant and although the position of the annie can have a large impact on the risks, but at 2mm the risks are small.
I must admit having a ‘brain’ diagnosis can certainly give you a shock. It can make you take stock of life and maybe there are some things that you can do to make sure that you and your family are secure ie insurances, wills, etc. The reality is they may not be needed today, they may not even be needed tomorrow, but if you have those things you hold near and dear secured, that’s one less stress.
In all honesty until you have a confirmed diagnosis there really is no use going down the ‘worst case scenario’ path. Try (and I do mean ‘try’ because I know this is not easy) not to get too far ahead of yourself. You cannot do anything until you have a confirmed diagnosis, from there a plan of action can be made. I (again) ‘try’ to take things a step at a time. What can I do? Who do I need to see? Get an appointment. Find out the options from a trained professional (Not Dr Google) then move on from there.
I know standing on the outside, behind a keyboard, I make this sound simple, but for those of us who have been there, we all know too well, that this is far from simple but getting too far ahead of ourselves can be one of the worst things we can do. I know this because I did exactly the same thing. Slow things down, see the dr’s, get a confirmed diagnosis, then move on from there.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team

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Thx everyone, thing is I read so many things like, ppl who have it coiled has complications, their life is basically ruined, they can’t even have a cough or cold always living like it’s going to explode and having constant pain…

There’s a website as well saying ppl with aneurysm can’t have sex, sneez, drink coke, it’s even dangerous going to the toilet!

… I’m scared I’m shaking…

PS I never had a symptom and now I have all of them… I even feel like if i move I’ll break :frowning:

Really the only thing that has changed for you is information. And that’s ok.

Just to encourage you: my wife had a ruptured brain aneurysm 12/19/2011. She was coiled successfully. The seven weeks in the hospital were surreal with no guarantees. But Friday we just returned from a trip to Central Asia. We are in California right now and intend to begin our trip back to Arizona tomorrow where we live. She is full of life and active in a variety of ways. Her left leg has some issues, and she is a bit more emotional, but life is good. I’m thankful to still have her. I’ll pray you have the right guidance. You will need to trust your doctors.


I’m happy you guys are fine I wish your wife a very quick recovery and hope her leg will be ok soon.

I’m just worried too much, my nose started bleeding today and felt passing out so went to the hospital thinking this was relief to a bleeding aneurysm or rupted one, I’m going crazy and can’t do anything about it, doctor said it’s ok and it wasn’t related but I don’t believe him, he wasn’t a neurologist but I ended up living the hospital they sent me home… tomorrow I’ll have the bad news and don’t know what to do :frowning:

Hi , just want to say I understand how u are thinking , I to had a rupture 4 years ago and it was coiled , I’m not the same person but I say I’m a better person as I just don’t get stressed about stuff I’m more chilled as I see life in a driffernt light and just try and make a good one , I’m also living with two more which they found when my other had ruptured , they are watching them and they have not got bigger since they found them which was 4 years ago , I to think I’m a ticking time bomb , but I have learnt that I have to live life as I want but just that bit more carefull , don’t get stressed over nothing , :slight_smile: take care and try not to worry


Thx a lot for your message and thx to everyone I just don’t know what to do I feel like everything I do could have that thing exploding like sneezing or coughing :frowning:

In nearly 4 years I’ve done all of above many times ;), and I’m still going strong , yea u have to b carefully like when cough and sneeze , don’t hold it in just let it out , and for the bit on toilet well I just push down to my toes , and other just go slow and not mad , lol sorry it’s really hard to explain lol but just try and chill as it is small and now they no it’s their if it’s their and they will check it every so offen , I don’t need to go for another two years as still small and not got bigger , even thou I’m a bigger risk as I’ve had a ruptured one :slight_smile:


Thx again Joanne for sharing really appreciated, I just can’t think about it sorry maybe I’m being silly or stupid but for now I can’t, my life just ended last Thursday and I’m sorry to say this and I apologies to everyone here for being so unrational but it’s the way I feel now… the said “possibly” but I know it’s there otherwise what is it? You know what I mean…

I guess this will be another night without sleeping

Bless u , all of us have and still have them thoughts but for me I’ve had years of living with them so I surpose I’ve had time to adjust , and u will too it just comes part of being u , but try and not worry as that in itself don’t help just see what doctors say to u as if they thought u was a risk they would fix them ,


I completely agree with Joanne, we all have those same thoughts. But over time you move on. You become more aware then alarmed. Initially… …ohh hell… …every tweak, every pain, ever ache was a case of ‘Is that my head?’ causing that. But as time goes on you become more aware. Life hasn’t stopped, it’s just taken a sharp 90degree turn. One of the big problems with the internet is that many of the stories can show the worst case scenarios and very few will ever be an exact mirror of our own situations. I can often read a story of a patient and see some correlation to my own story and at first I was thinking ‘Ohh I have that… …and I have that too…’ but I have learnt drawing a direct line is impossible.
I am often saying ‘Brains are very unique pieces of equipment, no 2 brains are wired exactly the same. So no 2 injuries are going to have exactly the same result’. Prior to my own situation I worked with people with disabilities. One person I worked with had a (medically deemed) minimal physical injury but had a catastrophic impairment leaving him wheelchair bound and yet another who was advised he’d never walk again do exactly that and walk. Now admittedly he’s not running marathons and tires very quickly, but he walks. This journey takes time, it is not a sprint
I have required a number of neurosurgeries and each has had a heavy impact, life has changed and not by choice. I know for me those changes have been a massive challenge. I can no longer do as I once could but then I look at my former clients and selfishly think, well I could be in their position, and I’m not. So I’ve got to be thankful for that at least.
Those aches, those pains, those symptoms are all a learning. We learn which ones are ‘normal’(if you can call them normal) and which ones are a concern. We learn which ones to medicate for and how to manage the others. We learn which to watch and be aware of. When it’s all new we can PANIC over the little aches, but we do learn. For me it has become a case of symptom management, be that, medication, exercise or rest. And learning which symptom needs which management tool.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team


Little upgrade, had my MRA and the neurosurgeon wanted the neuro radiologist to write the report so he moved my app to Thursday for the results, I have two options now, send an email to the neuro radiologist and ask for results in advance or wait…

Don’t know what to do… if I want to pretend to be “healthy” for two more days or I want to know immediately (assuming he’ll come back to me).

Other option is going home stuck the cd into my pc and look at it looking for cherries…

I would like to let you know that the neuro radiologist sent me an email to let me know that no aneurysms are present :slight_smile: I’m so happy!!! I can’t describe and I am really thankful to you guys, you helped a lot I read and read your messages many times to find comfort and you helped… I have realised so many things during this weeks… I hope you are well and you will be fine for all your life, I wish you the best of the best. Thanks once again a lot for supporting me even if I was a stranger, I won’t leave the forum I guess I’ll follow and try to help ppl that might be in bad situations trying to support them like you did with me… thx all


That is great news bless u , u can now try and relax abit now even cough, sneeze , and number twos without worrying lol , so happy for u :),take care


Thanks a lot Joanne for all you kind words and support, trust me really appreciate them, read them many times :slight_smile:

I have two aneurysms. One coiled and one clipped. It is a very scary thing, but as hard as it may sound, one of the worse things you can do to yourself, is to start googling every little thing that you may hear about aneurysms and the procedures, before you get the final answers.
That is not to say you shouldn’t read information on aneurysms, but please, don’t drive yourself nuts thinking the worst. That will do your blood pressure no good, which is the last thing you need right now.
It’s difficult to ‘relax’ knowing what you already know but one thing you must be grateful for, is that it was found. Now that it is, you have options. If it had not been found you would be worse off.
Every surgical procedure comes with risks. That said, your best bet is to think positively about your situation because everyone is different. Try to absorb information as you move forward but don’t get ahead of yourself. You still need to live right now. You also want to approach this in the best shape possible.
I do dedicated walking for an hour and a half daily, and back in April of 2017 I began having difficulty swallowing, seeing in triplicate, forgetting how to put my foot forward to walk. I knew that I had a second aneurysm but i didn’t know that it had grown so rapidly over the course of 8 years. It is at the base of the optic nerve behind my left eye. I had a craniotomy in September 2017.
Against my neurosurgeon’s wishes, I went back to school in the winter of 2018. After skipping a few semesters due to the aneurysm, I am heading into my final year at the university. I’m 57 years old.
You will do this. You can do this. Think positive and ask God to help you and he will. But whatever you do, please make every effort not to stress yourself out. It is in your best interests.


Thanks a lot and I know you right, so sorry to hear your story but very happy to know you’re doing very good now, I was gifted and fortunately my neurologist and neuro radiologist confirmed the scans were clear so I’ve been worried for nothing BUT I have learned lots of things in the last weeks and I realised many aspects of life that I missed while I was absorbed by work and routine…

I thank you for your message and I wish you great future and good luck with your uni!!!

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Aneurysms are asymptomatic so your symptoms are from something else. I had a 7mm in the anterior communicating artery and had surgery on that, whereby they installed a wire mesh basket cos mine was open ended so coiling wasn’t possible. The surgery itself was pretty straight forward and although I was fatigued for a while I am recovering well and have had my 6 month check up. They may just monitor yours as it’s only 2 mm . It easier said than done but try and befriend it and not let it dominate your life. The experts know what they are doing so if they don’t suggest surgery then they must be quite sure it forget warrant any treatment. Good luck xx