May 28, 2023 newest members!

It’s a rainy day here in my part of the good old USA, a little chilly too! I think I’ll be able to finish the closet today, if so, it’ll be a glorious day! It is also Memorial Day weekend here. A few years ago somehow the internet had it wrong and was pushing everyone to thank a Vet or active military personnel for their service during Memorial Day weekend. This is not the time to thank them, those days are Veterans Day and Armed Forces Day. Memorial Day is strictly for those who have fallen while serving our country. So tomorrow be mindful that service people gave their life so we could enjoy ours and don’t insult a Vet or active duty personnel by thanking them for surviving as BH shared with employees at work, that living person may be the only one who survived while their brothers and/or sisters at arms perished. Families of the fallen have sacrificed as much as the fallen so I feel it’s appropriate to thank them for their family member’s sacrifice. I will stop my lecture and get to the welcomes.

Starting off our week is @EviM! Evi had a cerebral aneurysm in January down in Florida and is still recovering so I think it may have ruptured. She is looking to connect with others. Evi is also a retired nurse, mother, grandmother and has a supportive relationship! You’ve found the right group Evi and many here have been navigating the path you’re on. Come join an existing topic or start your own.

@Sunnyinflorida is also in Florida. Laura is due for an angiogram in a couple weeks to determine what treatment is needed. She’s been through four doctors apparently for just not feeling well which lead to an MRI and discovery of an aneurysm. We wish you the best and hope you also come talk to us.

@Mcas76 is from, you guessed it, Florida! That’s three in a row, y’all! Marie is waiting for her 1 year follow up in July from a ruptured aneurysm. She is also a wife and mother of three children and has many things she enjoys. Welcome to our support group and we hope to read more about your journey.

We move across the USA to California where @Cindyc is from. Cindy had issues with eyesight and went to the ophthalmologist many times, as well as a neurologist and then a Neuro Ophthalmologist. Cindy says she finally diagnosed herself and paid cash for an MRA (ouch). She had a very large p-comm aneurysm that was treated with coils and still has left eye pain. Hopefully they can figure out what’s causing the pain sooner rather than later.

Now across the pond is @Rebecca26 whose user name I changed so lurkers can find her,. Hope you don’t mind, I’ll send a PM. Rebecca lost her mum to a ruptured aneurysm and has a diagnosis of a 5mm inter-cavernous carotid aneurysm. I imagine she’s a bit stressed and anxious with her diagnosis. Rebecca is experiencing sharp pains daily that have a short duration 10-30 seconds, 3-4 times a day. She is looking for advice. Please start a new topic under General and ask away, we have lots of members who can share their experiences!

That’s it for this week. We give a hearty welcome to all our new members! One last musing for this week…When was the last time you went out on a “date” whether it has been with a partner, family or friend? Try it, you may just find some enjoyment…