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Happy May Day y’all! I just wanted to wait for today so I could say that…it’s International Workers Day in case you didn’t know what May Day was…we observe Labor Day here in the States in September.

We get to welcome a few new members this week!

@Juliette starts us off. Juliette is in the United Kingdom, West Midlands. She’s had coiling and stent with her two procedures. She shares she had a sentinel bleed after having a thunderclap headache which she thought was a migraine. A week later she collapsed and went to hospital. So glad you survived Juliette! She’s passed her two year mark and has been diagnosed with PTSD which occurs usually when she gets a headache as she feels it’s happening again.

@tlcs00 is here in the States up in Missouri and is a friend of someone whose had a craniotomy. Ton’s friend is 4 weeks post surgery for 2 aneurysms. He is having persistent excessive swelling and is wondering if that’s normal. They went to the NP a week ago who wasn’t alarmed by it but Ton is wondering if this is normal. If you haven’t done so, please ask the question under the “General” tab, we have a lot of members who have had craniotomies.

@Razorback72 is down in Louisiana. Melissa’s husband had an AVM rupture six years ago (yes we told her about the AVM support group). He also has 2 residual aneurysms in his frontal lobe. She is seeing a fast cognitive decline now and his mood swings and memory loss are devastating to not only her, but the two teens still in the house. He doesn’t see the need for medical attention and she needs our support and understanding as well as suggestions on coping with his swings, memory loss and denial. I believe we can help her out as many of our caregivers (carers) do this sometimes on a daily basis with those of us who have ruptured.

@Filthysheldy122 is right across the State line in South Carolina. Samantha will be receiving coils tomorrow. She was diagnosed with a small ICA in February. She is very worried about coils and their longevity. Ask any questions you want under the “General” tab, there are many of us who have coils. Best of wishes for tomorrow’s procedure, remember to hydrate today!

@wonn ends this weeks welcomes. Wonn is over and up in Washington. Her mom passed away from a rupture and she had an MRA which showed an aneurysm so she had it fixed with a stent last month. Good for you on having the MRA!

Big hearty welcome to y’all!


I just wanted to say good luck tomorrow with your surgery. Try to focus on what you can control. If your neurosurgeon thinks that coils are the best option for your case then I would trust him or her. They know what they are doing. You will most likely be checked up sometime after the procedure and if something else needs to be done they will let you know. You are lucky that the aneurysm was found before it ruptured.
The walk into the hospital will be emotionally difficult, but the nurses will make sure that you feel comfortable. Just let them know how you feel. I remember that morning when my husband and I walked into the hospital from the parking lot, it wasn’t easy, but I wanted to have the procedure behind me and not in front of me. After surviving a ruptured aneurysm six months earlier I was convinced that I didn’t want it to happen again.
Good luck!