Mad at myself

im wondering how many people get upset with themselfs after years from the suragy ?i so hate getting slammed in the face with things i cant do anymore

HI Deborah...

I get upset at how easily tired I can be ... also, I can't handle crowds anymore, since my coiling...~ is this what you mean?

Deborah, welcome; and, I certainly stumble over a project at a time...I have perhaps two productive hours / day...and that includes what I have to do today...and, not getting back to the years of squalor...Each is one tiny step at a time...Yes, it is highly frustrating...I cannot even get distracted by an invitation to a lunch, etc...I cannot do "two" things at a time...w/out forgetting one, or both, if my stale brain was distracted...

Many of us go thru a lot of the issues and frustrations...which can vary by which part(s) of our brain have been affected.

Hope we can generate a lot more input on this.


Hi Deborah,

I don't usually get mad, I usually get depressed or scared. Maybe it is because its only been one year since my SAH. I am working 30 hours a week which really wipes me out. Rarely feel 'normal' or that I am free to do what I want. Very frustrating.

ooohhh yeahh-i cant do anything that requires dexterity, balance etc.,can't play my guitar,drive car cause i have cut vision on left side.i'm 3 yrs post sah.try not to be mad at yourself.Maybe think back when u couldnt do things that you now can do-for me i can now tie my shoes,open those annoying plastic packages,get in & out of cars better etc. Its a tough tough uphill journey but we can do it.Good luck & may God bless u & yours