Left side weakness

On tues 3/1 my left side of my body went weaker than the right. I figured it was due to stress from work on my brain. I took the next day off. It was still there so I called my neurologist who ordered an MRI which came back normal, but my left side still isn’t 100%- she is attributing it to atypical migraines. I sometimes get atypical migraine symptoms with tingly hands & feet but this is a new one - I’m also exhausted. I have no other symptoms. I had a bleed on 8/13/08 w a shunt that was removed while inwas in the hospital and now I have coils in. I still get headaches so I’m on gabapentin & topomax. I’m due to see my neurosurgeon on the 11th for my yearly checkup (i have my MRA films forthat)
Any input would b great guys

Hi Dulce. I do not know where you live I am on the east coast US. The past few days have been rough. Headache, extreme dizziness, nausea and total exhaustion. I think it is related to weather fronts when the seasons change. I have this every spring and fall. I had a rupture in 2007 and shunt and another related surgery in 2008 that resulted in a stroke. I have had dizziness and balance problems since.

Dulce...so sorry you're going thru that...

Over 7 years, I still have the tingling/falling asleep of my left lower arm/hand... have cramps in my left calf / foot. Typically Rt brain / left body; and Lt brain / right body...

I have never been told by any neuro that I have migraines... I know nothing about them except reading here on this site from all of you who do have them...

Did you ask your neurologist about the status of any related cranial nerves to your aneurysm location / treatment?

Hi Dulce...Glad you are seeing your Neurologist...hope he/she can shed some light on your problem...

Keep you in my Thoughts...Colleen

A common side effect of TOPAMAX is numbness, tingling or “pins and needles” in the hands, arms or legs. Fatigue is another side effect. Just some info for you. I hope this helps.

I would get a second opinion and also take your medications in with you and ask if any of them could attribute to how you are feeling. But don’t ignore how you feel.

I know the tinglys from the topomax & my atypical migraine symptoms - this was new. I’m seeing my neurosurgeon Friday for the followup yearly and I will ask about cranial nerves being affected in that area that may cause this but why now? It’s 2.5 yrs later?? I’m alsobringing my latest MRI for him to view, so hes my 2nd opinion :slight_smile:
Thanks guys


I am confused...first the tingling caught our (not just me) attention...and, not weakness... and, we did not ask you to describe weakness... so many things are so slow coming to my thought process. Be sure to explain your feeling/sensation of weakenss and ask your neuros...

Glad you are having your second opinion...

Hey Pat. How are you?

I agree she needs to talk to her doc / docs. I was on Topamax for approximately three years. I know that the numbess / tingling can be mild, moderate or severe. I weaned myself off in November just so I could see what was my deficit and what is drug related. Take care.

Hi Donna,

Hey, I am OK...behind on a project...which relates to my concentration / subject change...

You note numbness / tingling... Did you have any weakness?

Not sure I am comprehending the difference. What I mean is that when you have numbness and tingling, your hand / arm is weaker. The numbness and tingling interfere with function. I can tell you that I also noticed that I was dropping a lot of things (a cup, bowl of sugar, glass, etc.). The numbness and tingling that I experienced was episodic, not everyday and not all the time. But I have another issue, psoriatic arthritis. It is like rheumatoid arthritis. My upper extremities also have arthritic involvement.

Pat, every time I complained to my neuro about things that were happening, the doc would say "dopamax." I mean everything from numbness to vision! I was so frustrated. Everything that is wrong with me can't possibly be this drug so I weaned myself off the medication. As of January 13th, 2011, I have a new neurologist. This doc did more for me in three weeks than three neurologists did for me in three years. And that Pat is the absolute truth. I learned a long time ago that sometimes you just have to separate yourself, get a fresh pair of eyes to get answers. I am getting off the subject.

Back to weakness, if Dulce means weakness, as in a stroke, the entire left side, then no I did not feel like I was having a stroke on my Topamax. Take care.


Thank you...just needed a better explanation than I often make...I did much dropping of things...spilled, stained, chipped, broke...from furniture to carpet to hardwoods...definitely weak ... and, it all continues... learned to exercise/adjust my hand/arm...

Thanks for the tip. Appreciate it.

Tingly-like when ur hand falls asleep happens on my extremities sometimes AFTER I started on topomax so I knew of this side effect. The weakness is a NEW symptom that just happened tues 3/2 out of the blue where it is hard to grasp things with my left hand and walk with my left leg. This is the same thing as I had just after my Annie in2008 - they did MRI which came back neg - no new bleed.

Dunno why so I’m gonna ask my neurosurgeon. It’s just like the deficit I had after Annie first happened

I find the fact that this happened post op and now happened again interesting. Now I have a thought. I wonder if the neurons are just not connecting properly at times. I know that this is possible because sometimes I speak normal and other times I can't say my words or the word in my head is not the word that comes out of my mouth. Some days I make pronunciation errors and word errors all day long, like I am in an episode. Other days I speak fine. I am not saying that this is the cause. I am not a doc. I am just throwing another thought out there. Take care.

Please keep me posted after you see your doc. Thanks.

I will :slight_smile: thanks alot


The floating / hidden / lost words are likely aphasias...Please talk with your neuro on this...

I had/have both expressve and receptive aphasia...why I have difficulty puttingwords together at times...I work so hard to edit; and, not always successful...

There area two areas in our brain...Wernicke's and Broca...and, so much terminology on aphasias, i.e. expressive, receptive, anomia, global and on and on...

Please do ask your neuro about it...

Thanks so much for the info. Yes it is aphasia. I have brain damage in the language area of my brain due to a post operative bleed.

i dont know where the language area is. everytime i look online, its all this jibberjabber of medical info. i had the right pica annie burst and then i had a shunt in there for about a week while i was in the neuro-icu. so i dont know what was affected. all i know is that i had to do rehab on my left side which was very weak compared to my left, short-term memory and headaches - you know - all the good stuff :wink:

Yes, I totally understand. I too have had weakness and tingling in both arms and fingers (and I just noticed this yesterday that my legs felt this way too). I am also exhausted and I zone out at times (in fact I had an episode just this evening where I zoned out for maybe 5 minutes (maybe longer) and then realized that I was feeling very tired and sorta of woozy oh an a headache hit immediately. My doc said it could be from migraines as well. I have two unruptured annies and they are not planning on doing any surgery as of yet. I read that others experience dropping things and yes I do that too but also I have noticed that when I am on the computer I will try to type a letter or a word and it is like I have dyslexia and I will type the wrong letter or even use the wrong word. Anyone else do this? I am on short term disability from work because frankly with these episodes where I zone out I could not do my job as I am supposed to. I work in a Medicare insurance office and I deal with members on the phone and trying to talk to them about benefits or claims is very difficult. I feel very guilty about being off of work but frankly I think I could not give the correct info and possibly cause problems. When I had my first episode it was at work and I was on the phone and could not even talk or put two words together that made sense. I finally managed to tell the member something and hung up. I have been off work since about a month now and like I said I feel guilty but my doc says until she can figure out what is going on I am off indefinitely.