Has anyone had any reactivation of deficits?

My rupture was 2 yrs ago aug - 5 mm right PICA and post coil I had left side strength deficit including tingling & no strength. After physical therapy for a couple of months, it got stronger. I have not had any problems since, until now. The past couple of days I have had less strength and more “tingling”. Is this something i should be concerned about? I have also started Topiramate (2x daily) along with gabapentin for migraines…and it has now been about 2 wks on both.

any thoughts?

You can have tingling with Topiramate. I am not sure if you can have these symptoms after just two weeks of therapy.

Hi Dulce

Not sure if this counts as a reactivation but before I ruptured (35 years before!) U was diagnosed as a migraine sufferer. Over a period of a few years I grew out of them to never have them again.

After my rupture the migraines have come back hard. Drs claim it’s migraines but I’m sceptical they are true migraines. Meds helps sometimes.

Yes- I suspected as much – the “a-typical” migraines take over when the regular headaches don’t. So which is worse?? I guess I have to decide. I’m still gonna contact my neurologist just to see what she says…