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hi ya im new here ,i have an 8mm aneurysm i was told a couple of weeks back and now iam wating for surgery i dont know if it is coiling or clipping yet

hi, welcome to the group.

Hi Olive and Welcome to BAF...!

The people here on this site will inspire you and understand what you are going through ...

Keep it here and Keep us posted...Cyber~healing thoughts your way...Colleen

Hi Olive,

Welcome to BAF. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for your upcoming surgery. Please keep us posted when you find out a date and/or type of surgery.

I had the PED done back in June, 2011 so I have no personal experience with coiling or clipping. I do have an older sister who had a clipping done almost 2 years ago and she is surviving well!

Best wishes to you and please keep us posted.


Hi Ive just recently joined here, and I am glad I have done. I just read that you have an 8mm aneurysm, and are preparing for surgery. I would just like to say to you, that you are extremely lucky, to have had this detected, before a rupture, as prevention is better than cure. Please dont worry too much, about the procedure, wether it is coiling or clipping, as it is amazing how these surgeons, perform. I myself suffered a rupture of an aneurysm in may 2002, and since then I have been told I have another 7 of these, and undergo angiograms, every 2years, to monitor the growth, i also have one that has had coiling, but the base of the aneurysm has widened, and therefore have had another op done, unsuccessful, but they are looking into other ways of dealing with this, even though this is happening, I do not feel scared, or worried, as I feel so much confidence in my surgeon,I know I will be ok. To have an unruptured aneurysm, coiled or clipped, is so much easier to recover from than one that has ruptured.Please update on the progress. Good luck and god bless

Hi again, jus meant to say to you, that ive had coiling done in 2 aneurysms, and could not believe, how i felt when i woke up after the procedure, as it felt like i hadnt went through an op at all. Its amazing key hole surgery, its so unlike any other operation. Hope everything goes well for you, and put your faith in your surgeon, as these docs, are very impressive, intelligent, clever individuals, who will not put you at risk in any way. I will be thinking of you, throughout, and please let me know the outcome, I will say a prayer for you, but you wont need this, but i will say one for you anyway. Take care, and try not to worry too much, you will be in safe hands.


What do you mean by coiling is a keyhole surgery?


Will be saying a prayer for you Olive-I had a coil and stent inserted and I had my first year check up last month and everything looked well, don't go back for another year. Keep your chin up, and find a doctor you feel comfortable with.

Olive I’m sorry this is something you have to deal with. My thoughts and prayers are with you. The technology has gotten so much better, and it sounds like they’ll get it treated before a rupture, so your recovery should be much less traumatic…Though still very scary I know. There are lots of great people on here to support you. You aren’t alone. Welcome.

i'm sorry you have to deal w/this but i'm glad you found this site. i've received so much support here.

my unruptured aneurysm was coiled about 2 months ago. just make sure you have plenty of help afterward because you may be very, very tired.

sending positive, healing vibes your way!!