Just Diagnosed

Hi everyone:

I was just diagnosed two weeks ago with two aneurysms - one 7mm and one 4mm. I got one recommendation for clipping which was scheduled for 9/14 but am going for a second opinion on 9/20. I think the dr. I went to is a big ole quack for various reasons but I'm so scared he's right and I'll have to have them clipped rather than coiled. All this happened in such a whirlwind I'm very scared and as the neurosurgeon (possible quack) didn't talk with me I have no information about anything. I'd like to go back to work next week b/c I'm burning up my FMLA just sitting around but I'm scared to push it. I'm seeing my primary care doc tomorrow to see if she'll release me to go back next week so we'll see. Any support or information would be so welcome. Thanks much. --Jennifer K.

It is not really so bad. A clipping is not so dangerous nearly as some other options. You can get a second opinion from a reputable doctor to be sure you are doing the right thing.
You will be fine, and will do very well with this.
You will see.
Best to you,
John P.

Sorry for you diagnosis…we all have been there…shocking to say the least. Having trust in your doctor and surgeon os so very important. As it has been said clipping surgery is doable, and there is life after brain surgery. So talk with your PCP and get a recommendation to another neurosurgeon. In the mean time be careful and do not lift to much and try and keep blood pressure down,… I hope you find the doctor ''s and health team you will need.


It is okay to get a second opinion if you do not feel comfortable with your current neurologist. My diagnosis and surgery setup was a whirlwind as well. from the time I was diagnosed it was 3 weeks until surgery. I had mine clipped. Depending on your current job you should be able to go to work until your surgery. My neuro said I could but with stipulations: NO STRAINING! lifting, stress, constipation and even sex. Read about clipping and aneurysims on the mayo clinic website. That is one of the best I read without scaring the crap out of me. It is okay to be scared, it is okay to cry!. Just try to be positive and have faith that you will be okay. My surgery was on March 15, 2010. I went back to work half days April 12 and worked gradually into an 8 hour day. I have been back to work full time since approximately July 1. I work for the technology department in our school district. I don’t have the stamina I did before surgery but it is coming back. I have headaches off and on but nothing like before. I ride 4wheelers, go camping, will go hunting the end of this month and basically live my life like I was before.

I wish you comfort that you will be well taken care of and that your doctors will take very good care of you.

Ask questions from all of us , I wish I would have found this website sooner.


Please seek a second, or third, or even fourth opinion if it makes you feel more comfortable. If your gut says that this doctor is a possible quack, then look further. You need to feel secure.

Also, please seek the opinion of a interventional neurological radiologist to see if your aneurysms can indeed be coiled. Surgeons do surgery, that’s what they do, but radiologists can be objective because they read the CT scans and angiograms know what way to treat an aneurysm.

I was coiled, after a rupture (I didn’t know that the aneurysm even existed), and I would HIGHLY recommend it, especially since you have more than one aneurysm). You will want to have follow ups to be sure that no other aneurysms form. Aneurysms can and do form adjacent to clips, so don’t believe that clipping is “permanent”.

If the angiogram results (and be sure to ask to have a copy of EVERY test you have, including the radiologist’s report for your angiograms) do not state that rupture is eminent, that slow down and make sure you’re comfortable with your treatment.

Please let us know what you decide. You’re in my prayers.

Thank you all so much for your feedback. I feel so alone and vaccilate between anxiety and depression. My biggest fear is that I’m a very long time smoker (30+ years) and while I have gotten down to 5 or so cigs per day I want to just smoke and smoke and smoke due to the stress and am fighting it so hard. I haven’t been able to get through a day without smoking at least 4-5 cigs and every time I light up I feel like I am killing myself. I just started Wellbutrin and know that will help tremendously in the next week and I was going to begin patches but now I’m reading those are dangerous as well. I’m not going to make it cold turkey and it seems like I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t. This whole thing sucks out loud. I’m trying so hard to be positive but every little twinge in my head or the slightest diziness makes my anxiety rocket out. Plus at the same time I was diagnosed with the double aneurysms I was diagnosed with a concussion too so I don’t know what’s what. Has anyone had an experience with unruptured aneurysms and smoking? I need to quit but have failed miserably thus far and don’t want to die because of those damn cigs. I’ll tell you one thing, I’ve been in recovery from opiate addiction for 8 years and cigs ARE indeed more difficult than heroin to get off of!

Thanks Nancy for the reply. I’ve chosen not to go pack to work until my appt. for my second opintion on 9/20. I went on FMLA after the one doctor advised the clipping and the surgery was scheduled. As it’s now been cancelled I seriously considered returning to work even for just this week but decided against it. I work as a psychotherapist with teenagers who have drug problems. I run the outpatient groups and the job is beyond stressful. My fear was than I would get so stressed I would damage myself. As is I’m afraid just sitting around. Every twinge in my head terrifies me. I’ve had to go on Xanax b/c I can’t sleep b/c I’m so afraid I won’t wake up. I will just be glad to speak with Dr. Batjer on the 20th and find out what truly has to be done. This waiting is killing me. I did go see my primary care doc the other day and she told me the same things - minimal stress, no physical strain, no sex
:o( etc. I’m just trying to get myself in the best possible physical/emotional/spiritual place I can this week so I’m as prepared as I can be for whatever happens next week.

You need to make the best choice for you. Stress from job and worry are definately not good. I also had a tough time sleeping after diagnosis. I used meditation to help my body relax. It worked after surgery for relaxation as well.

Read all you can about the different options, clipping or coiling. I was not able to have mine coiled because it was to large at the base and they were unsure if it would hold. THankfully someone with a higher power than my doctor was also with us that day because I got blood clots in my leg and lungs after surgery and now am on blood thinner and I would probably have had to have it clipped in the end. (I have a blood disorder as well.)
Faith in my doctor and prayer helped me with the unsureness of it all, I am not a religious person but I do believe in god and guardian angels.

I wish you comfort so you can sleep and feel comfortable with your doctor and what needs to be don. I cry tears for you because not so long ago I was where you are at now and I wish you all the very best!!! Keep in touch.