Just checking in! I have just celebrated my 52nd year as a survivor

I am very grateful to be able to add to my story. For those of you don’t know me, here is the short version of my story. I suffered a ruptured posterior communicator annie in 1969. I have lived with the knowledge of having 3 more unruptured annies for the last 45 years. I’ve elected not to have another surgery

Earlier this year, after a bout with dizziness, I had a CT scan in the ER, the first one in 9 years. When the results were reviewed by my personal neurosurgeon, the findings were that my annies had not changed. They are the same size as they were 45 years ago. Thanks be to God!

I had hesitated to write an update this year but, Charnett93’s story, that came in the email today, encouraged me to write to celebrate with her and other survivors.

I’m not able to provide much help to new members except to share my story of survival and living with annies. My surgery and treatment was before CT scans, MRIs and microsurgery.:flushed:

I had a miraculous recovery. No one imagined that I would live this long but by the grace of God, I’ve had a really good life. I am now at the point where issues of aging require more attention than my annies.:wink:

My sister, who had a rupture two years ago, is also recovered and doing well. She is able to drive along winding roads. Our family is especially grateful for this second miracle of healing.:pray:t5:

My prayers are for each and everyone on this site will have a complete recovery and a good long life.


@Carole_G yoi have been an inspiration to me for years! Congratulations on making it to the age where other health issues take precedence! I always look forward to what you share and am grateful that @Charnett93 posted her topic! Thanks so much ladies, you’ve made my day!

Hugs to you both


What an amazing story Carole….that just gave me more encouragement in knowing that life will go on and we can live a normal life without the fear of having another aneurysm


Wonderful @Carole_G ! Thank you for letting us know about your recovery. It definitely brings hope.

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Great to hear!

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Wow…I have previously read your posts and never replied. However, I don’t think you realise how many people you have given hope to…including me, without you even knowing it. Thank you :pray:t3:


Thank you @PNaha, @trekhard, @oct20, @Charnett93 and @Moultroub for your very kind words.

No one knows what tomorrow will bring but, we must try to not allow ourselves to be consumed by worry. Expect the best.:heavy_heart_exclamation:.


Hi Carole, Thank you for sharing your amazing stories! I have two annies. I have been struggling with a decision as to get treated or just observe them. It has been four years and still I am struggling! The annies are in the grey area therefore it is hard to reach a decision.

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Thank you for spreading hope!! Continue staying healthy. :pray:

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Thank you, Sammy1.

All the best to you.


Hello Everyone,

I’m thankful to be celebrating my 53rd anniversary! My sister continues to be well also.

Thanks be to God!


Congratulations ! It’s amazing to hear! We need all the success stories we can get.


Oh Ms Carole! Happy dance for both you and your sister! You’ve been an inspiration to me for many, many years here! Congratulations!


Thank you❣️

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Thank you so uch for sharing your fabulous success, Carol! I was wondering how long these clips could last. So many unanswered questions that no one really knows the answers too. This enlightening community is giving me answers and hope for a brighter future than I have not been thinking I had since my craniotomy in Dec.
You are encouraging and a survivor with a long history of success! Woohoo! Thank you!

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Hi Suzanne,

I am happy to know that my sharing my anniversary provided encouragement for you.

You are right that there are questions that no one knows the answer to. I have a few of those myself. But, I try not to let worry dominate my life.

To God be the glory.


Hi Carole. I am only 6 mos from my aneurysm rupture and reading your update gives me so much hope. God bless you and thank you for sharing.

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Dear Hdsmith218,

Thanks for your response. I’m happy to know that you found my post to be encouraging.

I pray that you will have a complete recovery and that your “new normal” will provide you with the ability to fulfill all your dreams.

May God bless you.

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Congratulations on your 54th year, I’m praying for complete healing for you and everyone :pray: Paul Hawkins III

My beautiful mother :heart: died from a sudden brain aneurysm two years ago! I miss her so much :revolving_hearts:

Welcome Paul and thank you for posting not only well wishes but for sharing your beautiful Mom with us! Mine died back in 2016 and I miss her every time I’m trying to cook. My Mom was re-teaching me how to cook after I ruptured, we had as much fun the second time around as we did the first time! I hope you’re at the point where you can remember the good times.