Introduction- Family Member of a ruptured aneurysm survivor

My sister Marilyn, age 29, suffered a brain aneurysm (PICA) about three weeks ago and is still in ICU in Columbia, SC. She is technically out of her coma now but is functining at a pretty low neurological level at this point. We are hoping to transfer her care from SC to NY because she has no family in SC and our family wants to provide consistent support during her rehabilitation. Please keep her in your prayers.

If anyone has suggestions on affordable air ambulances, research info on the type on aneurysm she has (treatment options) and how families emotinally and (financially) handle a hardship like this please share. Thank you.

the website admin ginny would be a great person to address your questions to along with her nuerologist and surgeon im sure have some insight on places or facilities that can help…good luck n prayers going up for ur sister n family…

Thank you for sharing your story and I appreciate your support. I hope my sister will be as lucky as you have been but I am sure your recovery was not an easy one so I have a tremendous amount of respect for you. If you don’t mind sharing your course of treatment with me I think this would help our family know what lies ahead. Did you have surgery to correct the ruptured aneurysm and if so what point in your treatment did you have this done? Did you go through extensive rehab? I’m so happy for you! Any info you can share with us would be greatly appreciated since this is all so new for our family and very overwhelming

I had 2 ruptured aneurysm and was in coma about 2 weeks, it happen on the 4th Aug and they did surgery on one the 6th. and on the 12 they did the other one, they also drilled a bur hole and put in a shank. I had 3 strokes during. I don’t remember a lot but my family took lots of pictures which help me underdstand alot. But now it’s been 8 months and I’m doing great, I can think and I take care of myself. I drive, shop do what I want, don’t half to go back for a year. Your sister will do find, Try to let her do things, I hated it when my family acted like I didn’t know how, let her try. I was in rehab a month. its up to the doctors. and how well she is doing. It realy helps to have family support it’s a must. I will keep her in my prayers…please keep us posted.

Thank you so much! This is very encouraging! The issue with treatment of the aneurysm for my sister is it's location (posterior inferior cerebellar artery- on the back side of it). She hasn't had any corrective surgery as of yet just the drain to alleviate the ICP and drain the blood. They have the drain clamped off right now and as long as the ICP stays below 20 she can have it removed and doesn't need a shunt. I think once the drain issue is resolved we can transfer to a rehab facility where she can begin the long road to recovery. Thank you for keeping her in your prayers and I will keep you in my prayers. It sounds like you are doing just awesome! Your family must be releived to see your progress and I am sure they were at your side through all of this.

Thank you so much for this. It is so uplifting to hear a positive story like yours and it gives us hope that Molly, despite the long road ahead, has a chance to recover (probably a new Molly..different in some ways). I just want so much for her to be at a place in her life where she can enjoy things like she one did. She has always been a highly spirited person and so full of life. I hate to see her this way and I just pray that she is not suffering but like you mentioned she may not even remember this phase one day.

I love your advice to take each day at a time, celebrate those small day to day accomlishments and to never look ahead. This is helpful advise, especially coming from someone who went through all of this and is doing well. Thank you for taking the time to share your story and for offering your support to our family.

Laura, what a supportive family, the very best thing she could have! Rehabilitation takes time. Remember that; remind the family. The more patience your family exhibits and the more delighted you are in each leap of progress she makes, the less frustrating it will be for her and the less frustrated and more encouraged she feels, the more she will continue to try. Maybe she won't get whatever she is attempting right, even the first dozen times, but the more she tries the better she will get. That's not to say every function will improve or that every function will improve at the same rate. It won't. Just remember the brain is a maleable organ. And, such a supportive family is a help.

If you go to an individual contributor's webpage, you can read about them. Often we've described surgeries and recoveries. Hope that will keep you guys inspired.


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I was looking thru my papers and come across where the Angel Flight will fly people for free, I’m not sure what they would be called in your area. I was life flighted 45 miles and the cost was $39,000 so unless you are rich or can find help, it’s out there if they have it in your area. the ph. #888-■■■■■■■■ check your insurance, most don’t pay, but don’t hurt to ask. I have and will keep praying.

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Tremendous hope…and limited promise…Karen you were blessed…

1 Like apologioes...I go thru a lot of confusion of my own...I thought I had emailed re: checking with the air family had excellent service...One that was coming from the area of a nephew...brought him hom for 50% of cost...because they were in the same area...and, had to return anyway...

Please call some of them and see what they have avaialble...

Call the air ambulances and ask all the questions...and, find out if the neuro-referrals fit / meet insurance requiremetns / limitations...

Wishing you thebest...please keep us informed...


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Great news! Marilyn (we call her Molly) was transferred to a Rehab Hospital in NY (in our hometown) from SC via air ambulance yesterday. Our family is just so thrilled to have her home. I visited her this morning and what a huge improvement from the first time I had visited her in SC two days post-aneurysm burst. At that point we were not even certain that she was going to make it. We have overcome our first major hurdle as a family (besides coping with the shock of this tragedy), transferring her to NY and finding a safe, affortable air ambulance. The next steps that we are working on are the guardianship petition and the medicaid application. Any helpful suggestions with these items (in NY) are always appreciated.

She started OT and speech therapy today and did great considering she was in a coma for three of the five last weeks. I am burning some cds of her favorite music to bring to her. I hope this stimulates her....she has a long way to go but each day at a time and I have heard that anything that motivates her and keeps her strong is helpful. Continue to keep her in your prayers and thank you for your ongoing support,

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Laura, I loved soothing music like soft classical and oldies. Glad to hear you’re burning a CD for her. From the way you write I can tell you will be a spot of joy in her day. Hugs to you both, Robin

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