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Hello All:

I am new here. I found this site while Goggling for information about brain aneurysms and recovery. I suffered a ruptured right PICA aneurysm on 10/16/2012 with SAH and subsequent stroke on 10/18/2012. All in all, my recovery has been amazing. I think a part of that is due to quick response with little delay in treatment. I am fortunate that even though I was alone when my rupture happened, I never lost consciousness and was able to recognize immediately that something was terribly wrong and could summon help via 911. I am also fortunate to live in a community that is less than an hour's travel from my area's finest hospitals and neurosurgeons. In less than 24 hours I was diagnosed and transferred from my local community hospital to a renowned teaching hopsital in the city where I was treated with coiling for my ruptured aneurysm.

I am glad to have found this forum and look forward to getting to know you and hopefully encourage and support one another. Good luck to all of you with your recoveries.

Many blessings,


Hi Bev and again Welcome to BAF ~

You have found a great and supportive site ... while going through this journey...You are early in the Healing stage...CyberHealing thoughts your way ~ Colleen

Thanks so much, Colleen!

Welcome bev hope you continue to improve.

hi Bev! wowwww you are truly blessed to not have lost consienceness like i did for 5 days! so glad for you apparently mine was a larger bleed. i was medivaced to city hospital level 5 but still wound up permanently disabled but thankful im home- they said id be in a nursing home best scenario! Glad you found us as this has helped me so much and folks here are so supportive! take care , look forward to more correspodances! Bless you & yours!

Wow, Ron! Sounds like you had an ordeal. I definitely am very, very fortunate. I've said it all my life, "I'm the most blessed person I know!" :-) Thank you for the warm welcome!

Thank you, Jessica! :)

You have found an awesome wonderful site here. I don't visit as often as I should (I tend to wait too long till I'm really mopey and then come here for some much-needed energy and incredible uplifting support). Visit often, read the articles, absorb the prayers and support and much good luck in your continued success in your recovery!

Take care,


Congratulations to you Bev, you were definitely blessed!

Did you go to Hopkins? That's where I was treated, amazing surgeons there.

This is the best site for information and support from others that have been there. Took me a while to find it but now I look at it frequently to read other’s stories. For the longest time I felt pretty freakish. I lost 20 days from the time my aneurysm ruptured until I "came to. " I was not in a coma. I talked to everyone that came in my room. I just have no recollection of those days. When I came to this site there were others like. A kinship was born.

Thanks, Valerie! Blessed indeed!! I was at University of Maryland. My local hospital (Upper Chesapeake) told me they needed to send me to either UMD or Hopkins. Knowing both were great hospitals, I told them either one was fine with me. UMD is the one that had a bed available so I was transferred there.

Thanks, Myra! I'm definitely looking forward to getting to know others. It hasn't been that long for me, but I can see where interacting with those who identify can be a real asset. It sounds like you had quite an ordeal. I feel so incredibly blessed to have, so far, come through this with very little residual. Looking forward to making some new friendships!

Thanks for the welcome, Cec! I look forward to learning as much as I can and maybe even contributing to someone else's recovery.

I was so happy to talk to someone else that had experienced what I had. The interactions are great! We can come together and share experiences ( good and bad) and know we are not alone. even those of us that have wonderful support systems. It is still a blessing to ask something or share something land others have been there and done that.

Hi, Bev. Welcome! So glad you have joined our survivors group. I love the word, “survivor!” My husband is from your area. I overheard a lot of the Orioles games this year. We’ll get 'em next year. =)
I experienced a ruptured aneurysm with SAH in April of this year. I was also very fortunate to live in an area with a top 10 in the nation medical center. I am truly blessed!

Welcome Bev!! you sound as though you are another 'miracle' amongst us all ! wow, glad you are recovering and glad you're here!