Long Care Facilities For Ruptured Aneurysm

Hi Everyone!
It has been a really crazy year and I have not been able to get on here with all the other family issues we have been facing.
My sister Christina is six months out from her ruptured aneurysm and has been moved 4 or 5 times from facilities to hospitals. At this point, her kids are waiting for a geriatric Psych unit to open up for her!! She is currently in the ICU at a hospital in Utah. They keep throwing drugs at her for people with Schizophrenia Or bi-polar disorder. She can’t sleep. Her behavior is erratic. She gets very angry. She doesn’t understand why she keeps getting moved around.
I am terrified that in a psych ward…they are going to drug her into being a zombie!
I don’t know where to turn to get her the help she needs! There HAS to be somewhere. Even if it’s out of the country! We, as a family, are desperate!
ANY help you could give would be appreciated!

I removed your last name and I sure asked you a passel load of questions on your other topic and you answered some of them here. Just call me brain damaged, I call myself it all the time. So of course now I have other questions… why is she back in ICU, why do they want her to be in a Psych ward rather than a stroke ward, what have they been putting her on and why? Is your sister able to speak?

Thank you. I just didn’t even think about it. O.o LOL
So, my sister and I actually came to Utah this weekend in order to get eyes on our sister. She was at an assisted living but became hostile/aggressive. So the director told her girls to take her to ER and have them put her in a Geriatric Psych unit. Luckily they closed their psych unit but she is not in the ICU so they can try and throw all the meds at her in order to keep her calm. My sister calls it medical/chemical restraint. Invega, Depakote, Geodon, Zoloft, her high blood pressure meds, desmopressin, Trazodone. These are the meds they have her on right now. I think that’s it. Lord, I hope that’s it.
When I saw her, today, her eyes looked different. Dull…no spark. Almost a glazed look. It was a bit shocking.
I don’t know what will happen from here. I think they are trying to find another assisted living place. She isn’t allowed back at the previous ones because she has been deemed too hard to handle. I would love to bring her to my home but I’m not sure what that would need to look like.

I really appreciate your help!! This is a scary situation, as I’m sure you know.