Insurance Coverage

I am researching information for my brother, sister, and I to get MRA scans to detect to see if we have any unruptured aneurysms due to my very strong family history (see my profile).

I am looking into clinical studies because we would be great candidates but until then, does anyone have information about getting insurance to partically cover the MRA because it is a preventative measure? Any information is helpful as we are trying to get the ball rolling on our screenings...time really is of the essence. :)

Many of our insurance policies are so your policies...if thru your employer, talk to your HR specialists...for any help needed... call / write the main insurance office... also, ask your Clinic/ MD... including if MRA and/or CTA could be done... If for any reason, any of you would have to pay...find out thru your MD and the clinic/facility specialists...if you can at least pay at the contractual insurance rate...vs the "full rate"...

There is a lot of diff in contractual and full rates...of anything that is included in the policies.

Do any of you have any symptoms...headaches, pressure behind either eye, TMJ... anything, based on family talk about with your doctor(s) which may suggest the need for testing...

Best wishes to all of you..

contact ur insurance co …they use different codes for procedures n the reasons behind them…preventative treatments in my case have falled under my 30$ co-pay instead of paying a deductable…i use united healthcare…but would be careful ofgiving ur family history for risk of rejection on coverage…good luck…also where state? do you live n? that would help in possibly helping you to find the clinical study…

I do recall an organization that helps people pay for screenings, here's the website, not sure if you would be a candidate, it would be worth looking into


It is a matter of me being referred to a specialist. My mother's specialist recommended it, my family doctor recommended it, and I have an appointment with my current doctor this Friday to discuss my concerns.

I have all 3 symptoms you listed. I have had migraine headaches and tension headaches since I was 8 years old. I often feel pressure behind my eyes but always attributed that to me wearing contacts for long hours. I actually just had a TMJ splint made for me a month ago because my jaw has been popping badly for a year.

I have a high deductable plan and no co-pay so thank goodness for Health Savings Accounts! :slight_smile: I have been nervous about telling insurance companies but after the law that Obama passed of January this year, insurance companies can no longer deny coverage for pre-exhisting conditions. I use Medica insurance. I live in Minnesota (30 minutes north of Minneapolis) so I am lucky that Mayo Clinic is only about 2 hours away.

Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

If there is a medical need the insurance usually will cover the mra. In my family, because both my mother and myself have had ruptures ,( making a significant history for my family.) Both the neurosurgeon and pcp recomended mra's for the rest of my family. My sister already had one and her insurance covered it . so I think if your Dr. orders one for you ,and submits the reasons to your insurance it may be covered .

Best of luck



Please remember...I am only writing my personal experiences and personal opinions; and, the symptoms ran over 25-30 years before rupture. There were more, and changes, tho what I named were the earliest ones.

You have a lot of input here on insurance; wishing you blessings and a good insurance company.

I realize this…I am just trying to get as much information as possible. I am not worried–early prevention is on my side. I am lucky to know it is a possibility for the future and instead of dwelling on what could be, I decided to make a change and be the best I can be every day.

Hi Ashley,

As both my older sister and I have both had annies (mine ICA and my sisters anterior communicating) , and my paternal grandmother and her brother both died from annies, so the doctors recommended that our siblings and their children get MRAs. All have had them done, and all have been covered by their insurance.

Good luck and best wishes and here's hoping they find absolutely nothing!!