Is preventive screening necessary?

Hello, all.

Two of my first cousins have had brain aneurysms. I wonder whether I need to be screened...I don't really want to be exposed to the MRI magnetic field and pay the cost of the test if not necessary. What are your thoughts? My doctor said he could order the test...

Thank you in advance.

Caroline... may depend if maternal or paternal connections...and potential of which familial side to check for earlier generations? Is there a Group here of Familial Connection (similar words)? I do no know of one...tho I do know other members have addressed the genetics questions...

Expect you will get a lot of responses...


Thank you so much, Pat. I'll try to find the right group to ask the question...

All the best to you.

Caroline, tonight I talked w/one long-term local peer-friend...and, should have remember when I answered you...this Patty lost her dad some decades before; and her one son two years before she had her rupture...I met her thru a neighbor of hers who was a classmate of mine...he learned of mine at a reunion...called me when she was in air-evac to have info for her children flying special thanks to you...for my slow memory jogging...

Thank you so much. It seems that scanning is appropriate for first degree relatives...I'll have to think about this more.

Thank you so much, Sue! Sending all the best to you. Based on what my cousin is going through, I know how challenging this can be...

good point sue, I would want to be checked, maybe push the issue with drs stating the stress level involved, just imagine the relief hearing scans were all clear!!

Hi and again Welcome...My Neurosurgeon told me this after my coiling...I was told my sister's should be checked especially the one that experiences migraines and my kids if I had any...told nothing about cousins...but I am first in family to start history...Hope you figure out what is best for YOU...wishing you a good day ~ Colleen

If this is something that is occupying space in your thoughts and would give you "Peace of Mind"; my thinking is that it certainly won't hurt with getting scanned!

And according to the "U.S. Department of Health & Human Services": an MRI does not use ionizing radiation (high-energy radiation that can potentially cause damage to DNA and there are no known harmful side-effects associated with temporary exposure to the strong magnetic field used by MRI scanners.

Just my 2 cents and wish you all the Best in whatever decision you make!


Thank you, Colleen! I so appreciate the kind help of everyone in this community!

Thank you, Michele! All the best to you too... I'm still not sure what to do. I've been feeling dizzy lately, and I think it's because I'm not sleeping well. However, because of what's going on with my cousin, I wonder...I'm not sure whether dizziness might be in any way related to an aneurysm. Thanks again.

My aneurysm was discovered accidentally via a test last July/Aug (don't remember) and it was clipped in September. My neurosurgeon just suggested that I have my 16 y.o tested just to make sure. I will do so just because I couldn't bear finding out the hard way.

Thank you so much for your reply, and I'm glad you found out about it before it was too late! All the best.

Hello, again. I wanted to thank you all for your help, and to let you know I did the test. Thank God everything is okay. I'm sending you all the best. Thanks again.

This is wonderful news...Thank you for letting us know...~ Colleen

Thank you, Colleen! I'll always remember your kindness and will send you and everyone on this board powerful healing energy. Blessings.

hi Caroline! wow that is great news thanks for th updated reply! your cousins will be proud of you! you have made my day, Bless you and yours!

Yay Caroline!! Woohoo!

Thank you, Sue. Yes, it was a great feeling. This experience has helped me feel more appreciation for many things I take for granted. Blessings!

Many blessings and positive energy going your way, Ron! Thank you so much :-)