MRI Scheduled, Now waiting for insurance

My Mom recently died from complications of a brain aneurysm. I have forgotten most of the info of what kind and where. It was a very long and tiring two weeks. They did a brain bypass that was successful but too much damage had been done to her brain during the rupture and after.

I plan to have a MRA done at our local hospital but I am still waiting to make sure my inusrance is going to cover part of it. Any suggestions on how I can convince them to help pay for it? I also have read on the forum of a few people having an MRA and nothing showed only to have a rupture happen later. Can I have confindence in most MRA testing?


I did an MRA without contrast dye and they found my small 2,5 mm aneurysm. Maybe it depends on the technician whether they can spot it or not. I was referred to a neurologist for another matter and he decided to order an MRA due to family history. Have you seen a neurologist? He would be sure to order an MRA since aneurysms can be hereditary and what happened to your mom.

Good luck!

My understanding is that you need an MRA with and without contrast, or a CAT scan, but MRA is better b/c there is no radiation involved. What you do NOT want is only an MRI - needs to be MRA. I think they would find anything worth finding. I’m so sorry about your mom, but chances are high that you are just fine. Best wishes.

I’d agree with Jaycie, MRA in better than MRI. Basically looking for different stuff. CT does involve radiation. There is a heraditry aspect so you really shoild get checkedout.

Thanks - I have an MRA scheduled for tomorrow and DO NOT PLAN for them to find anything!!! My insurance says they will cover after my deductible is paid so the test is still going to cost us but I am a 42 yr old Mom with a 4yr old and a 9 month old. I have to live a loooong time to watch these babies grow up. My Mom was only 63 and they discovered she had two other aneurysms besides the one that ruptured.

No aneurysms were found with my MRA! Just acute sinusitis. We are still waiting the results of a CAT scan my Mom's sister had after having something suspicous show up on her MRA.

MRA is the route to go...with and without contrast...had catscan's that showed nothing...the MRA showed my 9mm annie on the basilar tip...and infact showed another...good luck sweetie...wishing you the best...make sure your Doctor words it...that you must have an MRA...more or less...medically necessary...Keep us posted...

Gotcha in our Thoughts...Colleen