Sorry I've been out of the loop....but

Sorry I've been so out of the loop around here, but for really good reasons....I'm LIVING LIFE and so friggin busy with things I've taken on, that I'm not constantly plagued by aneurysm fears. My surgery was more than 10mos ago now, and I'm feeling great. I do plan to stick around here to be a voice of reassurance to others, and also for my own support as I still have 2 on the watch-and-wait plan. Life just doesn't allow me to be around as much as I used to, which is in a sense good, I suppose.

But I just want to share how happy I've been - how enganged in life - I wasn't sure I'd ever emotionally get back here after all that the aneurysm (unruptured, coiled, stent) put me through emotionally and physcially. So I share my happiness. My world got flipped upside down 10mos ago, as every one of us here understands. But it's feeling good again. I still think about it - probably crosses my mind every day still - but I am NOT derailed by it anymore. It's a trauma - and I've had other traumas - and they have their own time table and own path - but I can say that 10mos out I'm doing pretty darn well, all things considered.

I've been thinking of those of you who I've come to know and care so much about, and am touched by all of the new stories I've read tonight as I've browsed around.

No doubt this stinks, but we are survivors. And sometimes you just can't see progress on a day-to-day or even week-to-week basis ----- but with hindsight, can see and appreciate progress. Physical and emotional.

Bless all of us --- we have been blessed with survival, and by having found this site.


HI Jaycie...we are "GMTA" Great minds think alike...I wrote a similar post last night...been visiting family for the past 10 days ... and no computers for was you, I so want to help others through this journey...because this site is so important to my continued healing...

No matter how busy life gets Jaycie remember two, to always take time out for "you"...and two, someone in Florida is wishing you the best day...!

Love and hugs Colleen