I'm from South Africa seeking a top Neuro Surgeon

Is there anybody that can recommend a top Neuro Surgeon to me. I reside in South Africa and the Neuro Surgeons here refuse to undertake surgery on me, I can’t keep living in agony with my anurism and willing to take the chance of surgery.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

@Examan welcome to our group! Having a cerebral aneurysm can be a bit frightening. I imagine more so if the Neurosurgeons do t want to operate. Whilst I haven’t seen many members from South Africa, I imagine we do have them and I hope you can receive a reply. Perhaps if you explain why they aren’t wanting to perform surgery, more members can share what their surgeons have done. If you know the location of your aneurysm, which artery, it can help. In your story, you share that you have a wide neck aneurysm at the base of your skull in your neck and I’m not quite catching where it may be. My guess is in the Circle of Willis. Perhaps the basilar artery or one of the carotid arteries. Here’s a diagram of the Circle of Willis showing the arteries Circle of Willis: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia Image

You also mention that your surgeon didn’t want to perform a coiling procedure during the angiogram. From my experience, my surgeon has only done coiling with the initial angiogram because I ruptured. All the other angiograms was to check on the stability of the aneurysm, try another repair and then another angiogram for follow up in most cases. There are other methods of stabilizing an aneurysm, has your surgeon made any suggestions? Coiling in my understanding, is just the least invasive, stents can also be utilized as well as ballons n some cases, Many of our members have had craniotomies.

Here’s a study on wide neck aneurysms Endovascular Treatment of Wide Neck Aneurysms

I hope some of this helps. I’ve never been to South Africa, so I cannot recommend a surgeon. With the pandemic, Neuro ICU (NSICU) beds are very hard to come by for those of us with aneurysms that need to be repaired. At the teaching hospital where my Neurosurgeon is, they are limited to the number of beds for all brain issues. She and her colleagues have to communicate their patients needs and decide who is going to get the one of three beds available I think is what she said last November. From my understanding, this is happening world wide.

Wishing you all the best, we are here to support you,

Hello .I am from SA ,currently in UK .I have lived with an inoperable giant fusiform brain aneurysm since 2008.SA has some of the best surgeons and Neurologist in the world .I can go back and find details for u if u like.I lived in Durban and my neurologist is in Durban but also consulted with a top neuro surgeon in Cape Town.Take care and God Bless

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I am am an operating room nurse AND a ruptured cerebellar aneurysm survivor. Are you looking to have your surgery on SA? If so there is one of the worlds top neurologist now at Mass general and teaches at Harvard medical school but would be the first one I would reach out to if I were looking anywhere in the world for a neurosurgeon! His name is Dr. Jeremy Schmahmann, MD

First guy I’ve heard about that seems to ‘get it’. Cerebellar pt.‘s check him out, it all finally made sense.

Director, Massachusetts General Hospital Ataxia Center
Director, Laboratory for Neuroanatomy and Cerebellar Neurobiology
Member, Cognitive Behavioral Neurology Unit

Unfortunately @Examan would not be allowed to come into the USA even if financial situation would allow, President Biden closed our borders to seven countries, one of which is South Africa (SA) on 24 Nov 2021.

Hopefully @Examan will respond to @les_w either through this post or a private message.

Hi Les

Thank you for your email.

Please could you kindly forward me your Cape Town Neuro Surgeon’s details.

Luke Adamson

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Hi .It was a doctor/Professor Taylor and he did
Part time consulting at Groote Schuur Hospital.
He was a professor at Rhodes University if I recall.
I will go back and see if I can find his email as it was about ten years ago.
I am in a similar situation as you with inoperable fusiform aneurysm in the brain .He also did not recommend that I operate as many others did in SA and others around the world .I have learnt to live with it ,not easy though.Good Luck ,I will let u know if I find email .Take care Les

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