How fast should surgery be when your diagnosed with a unruptured aneurysm?

My doctor says he wants to schedule a coiling and angio in the near future...for my 5 to 6 mm aneurysm behind my left eye. He says its not to urgent? I feel great I've never had any symptoms! Eyesite is headaches? Except some sharp little ones in temples lasting about 20 seconds or so off and on,but not every week. They are called ice pick headaches? Anyone heard about those? Iam so scared to just lie down to have this surgery?? I've read that 50 to 80 % of people that have aneuryms go an entire lifetime and and dont know it and they never rupture? Should I have the surgery immediately?

Hi there if a neurosurgeon says its fine to wait then it should be ok. I can’t really say because mine was found when it ruptured so it had to be operated on. Goodluck hope it all goes well.

Ps and mine was bigger 7.5mm and the one they left for three months was alot bigger than 7.5mm and I was fine

Thank you so much for the advice.Wondering if you had any symptoms before rupture? Also were you ever a smoker? I smoked off and on about 6 years ago...seems like alot of people were smokers.( Just wondering) Thanks so


Prayers for your right decisions...

I had multiple leaks/ruptures; and, the initial record of size was 6mm. somehow, somewhere it seems so practical to me for the neuros to have a range of size of the different aneurysm locations...and, yet it is not one we're ever told...

What did your neuro explain aout your ice-pick headaches and which cranial nerves is invovled?

Hugs and prayers for a wonderfully Merry Christmas and for you to ask many questions and make your right decisions.


My initial size was 3.5 to 4. Now they say the annie is 5.5 to 6mm, They say the ice pick headaches are no sign of the aneurysms? Ive had them all my life though off and on. I am now 42 and I thought very healthy? Hugs. xxx

Wendi...with the growth and depending on the time frame of the difference, it is important for you to really talk it thru with your neuro.

When i said my initial record of size was 6mm...that was the intial after the leaksruptures. I had only beeen diagnosed as depressed menopausal woman...never tested; not even appropriately tested following my first emergency of a black-out and fractured right shoulder. I was treaed for that, under anesthesia, before the second emergency. Once ruptured, we are in limited, to no, ablity to make decisions.

It is so impressive to know you have qualified/ caring doctors to have done inital testing and have been blessed by that in itself.

Again, hugs and prayers.


Wendi, I had a large aneurysm coiled nearly a year ago and they had also found another one which is about the same size as yours. I have been advised that this one should just be kept under review and monitored regularly.

Hi Wendi...I think you have to have some faith in your Doctors...and if you don't, get a second opinion...

I started my journey with diagnoses Sept 12th of 2010...when a 9mm aneurysm on my basilar tip artery was found ( a very , very bad place )... I didn't have surgery until November 30th 2010...due to tests, having Surgeon accept my case, etc., and then meds to prepare for coiling surgery...and get this mine was leaking...I had to put alot of my faith in God and my Doctors...I was sick alot during that time with headaches and you see wants they locate the aneurysm ... it can be bit of a road...Gotcha in my Thoughts...Colleen

Hi Wendi: I agree with others, consult/trust your docs and if you don't feel comfortable, get another opinion. I have watch and wait annies and I guess due to their size and location, they're no threat and may never rupture or need surgery. I got 2 opinions + what I've read on this site makes me feel confident I'm OK to leave them be. Well wishes to you and Happy Holidays! Mitch


I cannot add any more to what everyone has said re: feeling comfortable with your doctor. It is essential that you have a great realtionship with him/her and if you are not comfortable please find a new one!

I have a 3mm watch left ICA wait annie (which my doctor will not even talk to me about surgery until it ecomes at a minimum 5mm or larger) and a 9mm right ICA annie both in the internal carotid artery near the ophthalmic artery. The 9mm was stented with the PED back in June, 2011 and my follow up is next week!!. My doc also says that headaches are not assocaited with annies, that it is more likely the result of some other reason.

I hope you find the answers you are looking for and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for your upcoming journey.


Wendi, Did your doctor tell you the chance of rupture? I have a 6mm and was told the chance of rupture is between .5 and 1 % per year from the point of diagnosis. This confuses me because they have no idea of knowing how long it was there. My 12mm has a 3% chance and I will get the Pipeline Embolization Device in January. The angio will give you a better idea of what is going on. I was scheduled for a clipping until my angio results showed I would be a better candidate for the Pipeline. I think your chance of rupture also depends on the location and if you have other risk factors. Do your research and write a list of questions to ask your doctor.


You are the first person that has mentioned icepic headaches I didn't know thats what they were actually called but thats exactly how I explain mine . I didn't know I had an annie and it ruptured about 6 months ago . At that time I had 9 coils put in that was may then sept.23 he tried to put more in but they wouldn't stay in so he put in a stent . I have to go back for more or we may just decide to clipp it . But ever since my annie ruptured I have experienced Pains on the right side of my head (same side as the annie) only in little spots and they last just a minute . If they lasted even 5 min. I"d be going to the hospitol because they hurt like hell . It feels just like you'd imagine being stabbed with an icepic. I get them on the top of my head and the temple area . I wonder if it means anything . As far as coiling . you'll be fine . I was bruised head to toe after the coiling . You'll have some purple glue stuff in your hair which is a pain in the ass to get out . your groin will be sore. They have been up through my femoral artery 4 times and it was really this last time that hurt the most . My first surgery was an emergency situation and I spent 2 weeks in the hospitol but only remember the 2nd week. my most recent attemted coiling I went in on a friday morning and was sent home the next day around noon . I say that if your neuro doc thinks its time then its time . Trust me you don't want that thing to rupture theres no telling the damage it will do .My annie is 90% packed with coils if he can't get the rest in my only other option is to leave or have it clipped . being through a ruptured annie once is enough for me I 'm going to have this thing clipped.Good luck to you . I wish you all the best !!

I have a 5.3. Have seen four doctors and they all say the risk of fixing is more dangerous than risk of rupture. I have been living with this since 2008. I will be tested again in six months.

What is there size and location? Just wondering? Thanks alot for your advice.Happy holidays to you too!

Thank you so much and I'll be praying for you on your up coming surgery.Do annies tend to run in your family history?

Thank you for all the information. Happy holidays to you and yours!

Where is it located? Even coiling it would be risky?

Yes I was and still am a smoker my surgeon said if I hadn’t been smoking it would of still ruptured. And no there were no symptoms that I know too until I collapsed.

Hi Wendy: Both docs I talked to didn't give me very much info but I know the 3mm annie is "trifurcated" on the right middle cerebral artery. There is another one right next to it and another on the opposite side I guess the left middle cerebral artery.

Thank you. I learned my younger sister has a small "watch and wait" annie only after I was diagnosed. Other than that, no family history.