I managed to drive & not run over anyone or anything!

I went out for a while on Sunday. My best friend, Patti went with me. We managed to go out to eat ( most important ) and to pick up some last minute things. I recommend cataract surgery to anyone that needs it. I can see the tv, road signs etc… Can read the newspaper with the help of reading glasses so I am tickled. Still have vertigo but even it is manageable. Hope everyone has an awesome and healthy new year.

hi Myra- so happy for you! i know how important this is to us~ i have drove a few times but its scary because i'm blind on left side. Sometimes i think im too paranoid-do i really need side vision?? if something crosses my path from the left it will be a grave mistake for them & it will be their fault not mine but i dont want to run over any animal or hit somebody. Bless Patti's heart for being such a good friend!!! my neighbor offered to go driving with me and i was touched- how brave & kind of them! Keep the faith Myra- we will improve!!!

Hahahaha...again Myra...love your Attitude...glad you didn't run over anything and/or anybody...Cheers to a Happy and Healthy New year's...to YOU and YOURS's ~ Colleen

Yay! Go Myra! Quite the holiday gift! Glad you didn't leave tire marks on anything or anyone! =) Happy holidays!

My friend Patti is the best. We take a girls trip every summer. It is always an adventure. She just tells me she goes where the front seat goes! Mark is very patient with me,too. Very blessed to have calm people in my life and in the car with me. Both of them say honey I believe that light is red. Instead of doing like me and screaming like a banshee. It is really good to be able to see to drive. No halos around the headlights anymore. If any of you have been told you have cataracts I am a believer in the surgery. No glasses or contacts. Just reading glasses.