Happy thanksgiving!

safe travels! been seeing a lot of crazy drivers lately, 2 running redlights etc etc

You too Ron! Keep warm :slight_smile:

thank you for Happy Thanksgiving...I was coming on board to say that...and, you had it set up here...

As for driving...they are all so diff than how many of us grew up in...I matured corporately to "public safety first"...especially when it was a corporate car!!!...but it carried thru over and over...

I remember in the 1960s...when sensing/feeling the horrendous skillsl to drive into London and New York City...

For all, wishing you a wonderful and warm Happy Thanksgiving ...as we take our first step thru the holiday season...

Happy Thanksgiving! I am grateful that so many people are willing to help others with advice and support.

Happy Thanksgiving Ron!

Happy Thanksgiving wishes!!! Looking for the healing to continue and read such great advise & caring here.

Edwardo said:

Hi Ron , Missed this for Turkey Day but hope you had a good one all the same ,

Cheers mate,

thanks , we did, hope you did too tc