SO got a call that my husband walked 2 steps with a walker today!! God is so great I am so happy things are getting better I am soo happy soo happy :)

Jet...so happy for you and hubby...you have been blessed...

Prayers each step continues...


I'm so glad, Jet !!

Jet, Yea !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for both of you. remember to take care of yourself too. my prayers to both of you. donna w

So happy to read that Jet! Get out his way - there is no stopping him now :)

hi Jet! awesome news! thanks for the updates, one step at a time, one day at a time, those 2 steps will give him great encouragement and a sense of independence. 2 will become 4 then 8 then up and down the hall -this will be very exhausting tho, hang in there.keeping you all in thoughts and prayers~~~

Ah Wonderful news Jet...~ so happy for you and your husband...~ Colleen

My mom had an unruptured aneurysm clipping last Thurs. She has had a lot of trouble walking and therapy is working with her. She's still in the hospital waiting on insurance approval for rehab. She didn't have a stroke they think she just has a lot of swelling from surgery and that things will improve with time. We are blessed because this aneurysm was found before it ruptured and treatment was successful!! God is so good!! I know how you must feel. It is hard to see your loved one struggling to walk. I'm praying things get better for your husband and recovery comes quickly.

I started out shuffling a few steps with zimmer frame then a wheely one, now approx. 60 yards alone and they said I'd never walk again, Keep going tell hubby Bess2U.