Some of you may have already thought of this, but... Went to an Extrodinary Womens Confernce last night and of course there was loud music. We were in a box suite so there were glass windows and doors that could be open. The big window was open so I stayed in because I knew I couldn't take the loudness. I also brought a pair of earplugs. Of course it was still loud where I was. The band Lonestar played. The earplugs worked great. My brain was so thankful and wasn't exhausted from all the noise. I am going to try to find some stylish flesh colored to wear at church and social situations. You can still hear but it is so much more relaxing and I felt like I was in control and not my brain of the situation. HOpe this helps others. Robyn

Robyn ...you have a great idea...

I did the PositScience Brain Fitness program...and, taught to use the ear plugs for that training...from that, I did use them for a few other things...somehow it completely slipped my memory... I avoid the big restaurants w/friends, dropped theater and more...because I could not deal w/so much...

Thank you for sharing...let me know if you find some stylish ones...maybe you'd want to design?


I carry several sets of ear plugs with me as well as dark sun glasses. You never know when you will need them

Hi Robyn...never thought of this...gosh ... Thank you...this will help greatly in many situations...wishing you a good day...~ Colleen

Yes it does! I'm finding out how sometimes, noise does bother me, and yet, other times I'm Ok. I felt when I was in the hospital, that all my 5 senses were effected. Perfume before, which never bothered me, especilay the pricey ones, now, I can't stand it. Though I do like essential oils. But the hearing, especilay with the barometric pressure changes, effects me.

Thanks for the info and God Bless.