How fast should surgery be on a unruptured 5 to 6mm annie, with no symptoms?

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Doctor said I dont have to rush the coiling and angio? That makes me wonder if Iam a ticking time bomb? I've never had symptoms yet from the annie. Its behind my left eye. Doc says we can wait till feb or march of 2012 but Iam scheduling it for Jan sometime.Am I okay to wait that long? Iam so scared for the surgery.

Wendi, you need to put some trust in neuro-surgeon judgment (and they don't always agree). After MRI's and a CTA Scan last February, a neurosurgeon at one hospital told me he could not handle my aneurysm and immediately referred me to another surgeon. I was in the hospital on an unrelated heart issue so they transported me by ambulance to Mass Gen in Boston. The neurosurgeon ordered new CATA and then told me it was not urgent to operate at that time. He scheduled me for a clipping in April. So in fact two to three months passed from the time I was diagnose until surgery. The docs are in the best position to determine the odds of rupture, etc. Good luck.

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Ok ... let's put it this way...when I saw my surgeon's...they told me they would like to take care of my annie the next was leaking and things weren't good...however, they needed me on "blood thinners" for at least one you see...they told me...mine could rupture any minute...I was to limit stress, picking up things, no smoking/no drinking, controlling b/p with meds...

I think your's would say the same if they felt it would rupture any minute...however, that being said, if you are still afraid or don't trust your Doctor's...get a second opinion...

CyberThoughts your way...Colleen

i had a 5mm rupture, that was 2 yrs ago,,i'm doing great..dont be scared but be safe and cautious...i would get a 2nd opinion...praying for will be just fine...God bless

Thank you so much for all your advice...just wondering did you have yours Clipped or Coiled? Was the recovery bad? Did the angio hurt? Iam a big baby.

hi wendy,

i have had follow angio that was painless, also several mras w/contrast,no rupture was coiled oct 14th i was out of the hospital on the 23rd of october..i had an awesome set of drs..nuerosurgeon coimbra and intervention radiologist kennith layton, both out of baylor medical ctr of dallas. my care was phenominal, anytime i had discomfort or headache it was immediately taken care of...once discharged i had my wonderful mother and family to take care of me..i was off work for 4 weeks..and because my babys were 20 & 15 i got to sleep alot...loved stayed for 3 days then w/my reassurance went back home...she was heaven sent because she was doing cooking,laundry..then eveyone kicked in their sure to get plenty of rest afterwards, lights n noise were a problem till the old noodle started healing...i will keep you in my prayers for a speedy recovery along with many years filled with awesome health, love n happiness...God bless

Wendi, Although the neurosurgeon felt my annie was not in danger of rupturing-- my blood pressure was spiking even though I was under meds. They had to control the bp with other meds. I also was cautioned about not exercising, lifting, etc. was told to avoid anything that might raise stress level and cause blood pressure to rise. Fortunately I had no leakage nor rupture prior to clipping. I will be back in hospital on 1/18 for a cranioplasty.. replacing the skull bone flap that needed to be thrown out after I contracted a staph infection at incision site.

This surgery is minimal compared to the clipping and wound debridement; I just pray that I don't get another infection. Good luck to you as you wait; keep positive thoughts at hand at all times. Think Happy New Year.

I will be praying for you Arleen...Thanks so much for all your story. Everything will be okay with you I just know it!

I thank you so much for your reply to me.I love hearing POSITIVE stories! Sounds like you have a wonderful family that loves and cares alot about you.I will be having mine in Houston at Methodist Hospital by a DR. Jonathan Zhang...on Feb 9th 2012. He has a really great bedside manner about him? Hope all goes well.

Thanks Wendi. Enjoy tonight's New Year celebration -- 2012 will be fine for all of us.