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I was recently seen by a nuero surgeon for the first time since learning that I have 2 anuerysms ( 2mm in the cortid artery in my brain, 9mm on my renal artery). The Dr told me that the one in my brain is behind my eye, and its small, and that I should I have another MRA in a year, and if it hasnt changed I can wait 3 years for the next MRA...My dad & aunt both passed away from a ruptured anuerysm, I am on 2 blood pressure medications, and Im a smoker, (I quit on 9/11/12)...does this sound right to wait a year? than possibly 3 years?? Im new to this, and from what Ive been reading, and anuerysm needs to be watched...any feedback would be appreciated!!

Hey Kathleen--

I think Allison is right, I'd go after a second opinion based solely on the family history. For insurance purposes, book what is called a "consult" with another neurosurgeon. Most insurances allow this. Grats on quitting smoking!!!! Keep it up!


(former smoker -- I quit August 17th)


9mm? Mine was 7.5 and I was under the impression that this size is consistant with needing a craniotomy or coiling. I have been told 3 mm and smaller didn't require repair, just monitoring. Maybe someone else can give their opinion. I chose clipping because I was a smoker, high BP, cholesterol didn't make me a good candidate for coiling. I too am now a ex-smoker.

CONGRATS ~~~~~~~~~ Jeanne

Hey Kathleen,

Congrats on quitting smoking!

I saw 3 different neurosurgeons for my ~7mm left internal carotid artery aneurysm. The first one wanted me to wait 6 months and have a follow up angiogram to see if there had been any growth. The second neurosurgeon referred me on to the third neurosurgeon, who subsequently did my coils and stent. Suffice it to say, there will always be differing opinions. I personally just wasn't comfortable with waiting as I tend to be very active and have 2 young girls. Not sure if this helps at all, but just know that it is never a bad idea to seek out another neurosurgeon's opinion. I am glad that I did! Good luck!!

Kathleen, they watched mine for 4 years. I had a MRA every years since they found mine. Stent and coil on 5th year. Now and anigogram every year. They shoud be watching it closely since your family has a history. Good luck!

Hello Kathleen, hope you're well. My Doc here in Australia likes to do MRA or MRI once a year.

I suppose surgeons all have different opinions. I know i'd feel safer if i had mine checked once a year. I already had one annie clipped and having another one clipped at the end of year.

Hope that helped a little.

Take care


Thank you <3

Thank you <3

My renal anuerysm is 9mm the brain is 2mm...quitting smoking cold turkey is very hard...and its only been 2 weeks =(

Its been difficult finding any info on renal anuerysms..the dr did say its rare..the vascular surgeon wants me to have another MRA in March 2013, not sure what, or if any treatment he has planned, just to be watched closely...The nuero surgeon wants another MRA in a year, because its small...the not smoking is very difficult, not sure if I can continue...but Im trying. Thank you for your kind words!!

Its been difficult finding a compassionate doctor...=/

The neuro surgeon I seen, said he wants an MRA done in a year, then one or two after that...then if no changes in the size. I can go every 3yrs..or longer..this is what concerns me..My family history, blood pressure & smoking, 2 anuerysms, and I can possibly go 3 yrs with no scans? From what Ive been reading here, small brain anuerysms should be checked at least once a year...Im so confused..

From what Ive been reading here, I agree...