How can I handle husbands post-Annie frustrations?

Happen five years ago. He deals with short-term memory loss&his patience not what it used to be. Can be short-tempered. I love him dearly,married 40 years Thank you for this site. God bless all of you survisors

Welcome Karen.   There are many people here who have the same problem.   I suffer short term memory loss. I have to write everything down or I forget it.    There are meds for people who are high tempered.   Is he on any meds?  Or, is his high temper a side effect of a med he is on?

i know mine hav also changed since my rupture in oct 09…i think the opposite though…it can be very frustrating to have thaT FEEling of not being in total control anymore…but itneeds to be emphasized to him that in exchange for him stillbeing able to be here with his family…a lil memory is not so bad,nd always remember to laugh at ones self…keep your sense of humor and never forget how to say “i’m sorry” it doesnt make him less of a man, just one with a big heart…many prayers from michelle-n-texas

  Laughter.....Michelle, you are so right about that.  I make jokes when I can't remember something.   My friends and my sister  will make funny comments about it .  And we just laugh at it.     :)

I have short term memory problem’s and concentration problems-and this is frustrating at times (I usually get upset with myself though), It may be a good thing to discuss this with his doctor-and look into a possible support group for both of you. It really helps to discuss issues with others who have been there (such as this site).

He is taking mess, anti-depressions,comadin (sp?),sertraline,lisinopril, and some others. He does see a psychogist , but my hubby says everthing is fine. I thank you so much for responding. God Bless


I have to write everything down, except taking a shower, and that stuff...then, I have to remember where I put the list...and/or if it was a note to take to the grocery, to the doctor, etc...

The one thing I did; was put a list, taped to my door at home...a list of things to check before I leave...the heat is off, windows closed, water turned off...down to cell phone and keys...and security system...before I lock myself out...and, do not have a key to get back inside!


Presume you have read all the prescription info me it is overwhelming to see all the stuff on the warnings and contraindications... can also go on the FDA site, and others on the 'net.

Karen,m you're marvelous for being a caring, loving, supportive spouse...this recovery process puts stress on all family and friends.



Just popped into my memory...did your hubby have neuropsych testing and any rehab therapy?

If he did, is there any follow-up?

Yes, the memory issue is frustrating...and, little things I can easily laugh at...and, other important things are highly frustrating to I cannot change subjects w/o losing concentration; it can take hours to days to get back into the one subject.

I just noted somewhere at this site...I come on this site when I am not on some other committed subject...sometimes it is days to weeks for me to be back on...not a lack of interest...definite lack of ability to do two things.


Hi yes he did have alot of rehab I insisted upon that, the more the better. I think he has a stubborn persnality it can be frustating for me and him. Thank God for this site. Blessings karen

Hi yes he did have alot of rehab I insisted upon that, the more the better. I think he has a stubborn persnality it can be frustating for me and him. Thank God for this site. Blessings karen

ben, i blame alot of stuff on my anny, n my family n i have just learned to laugh it off..i try not to take anything too serious since all of this has happened..less stress,less hypertension=smaller chance of recurring anny coming to visit my life again..i think i speak for all of us when i say we could all do without that pesky pain n the