Tempers flair recklessly

I never thought my husband’s short temper could get any shorter! When he’s tired or frustrated/angry, even worse! Today he is horrible. I can’t do anything by myself…he cant speak clear, concentration -none patoence has flown out the window. He started project and I had to drop everything immediately when he bellowed. Even his hearing is bad. Are these normal or should we seek medical attention. He has no energy level and short of breath increases daily.


He needs medical attention ASAP if not sooner. Blood restriction in either of the Left or Right arteries you mention can impede blood flow to the brain and cause the symptoms you describe. I had a neighbor have the same symptoms and he was diagnoised with arterial dementia because of the blockage. In his case nothing could be done to help him. Do something before it is too late. Good luck and God Bless!!

Hi Leslie,

I agree with Ed, please get medical attention for your husband as soon as possible. Your PCP should be able to help while you sort out the insurance issues. One of our dear friends, in his early sixties, was diagnoised with dementia because of changes in his behavior, mood swings and short temper.

I will pray that your husband's problem is something that can be treated.


You got some good advice ... keep us posted on how you both are doing after speaking with the Doctor...

Cyber~prayers your way...Colleen