Hot Flashes

My wife recently went back to Denver for her eighteen month checkup. The original coiling required addition coiling and a stent one year ago. The coiling surgeon after the angiogram this time said her earlier repair was perfect. Great news!

But right now she is experiencing hot flashes. I wonder if this is brain related or something else. Can anyone speak to that?

Otherwise she is doing well with no pain or headaches. Her left leg/foot/ankle does not work as well as the right one. But she can do everything she needs to as long as it does not involve riding a bicycle or running. Taking her time is good.


Has your wife ever expereinced hot flashes (and are the hot flashes similar to Menopausal hot flashes, if she has indeed gone thru hot flashes before that is)...and was your wife on any sort of hormone therapy in the years prior to (or after) her aneurysm was found?

The body's heating/cooling mechanisms are usually governed by the hormones and their balancing act...throw off the Act by any amount of change and viola, hot flashes amongst other things can and do occur...even long after menopause has supposedly finished its course (My mom was on hormones for 29 years until her doc abruptly halted her RX for Premarin when she was age 66..immediately if not sooner, hot flashes kicked in--what a loser surprise!)

Maybe your wife could get an TSH reading (a simple blood test to check her hormonal levels) which her GP or GYN can order up...just a thought.

peace to you both as you go thru this journey, Janet

I should have noted that my wife is 64 years old. She really experienced very little going through menopause, certainly not hot flashes, so she has not had hormonal therapy. Thanks for your input.